‘Anne With an E’: the creator of the series wants to make a movie to end the story

News of the ‘Anne With an E’ series cancellation has not been favored by Netflix fans and the Renove Anne With an E hashtag has become a trending topic on Twitter since the announcement of the end of production.

But can the series come to life with a closing film?

In an interview with EW magazine, the production’s creator, Moira Walley-Beckett, commented on the possibility, saying she would love to end it with a long streak.

The producer also thanked fans for their support, reflecting on her journey with the series and how the project has transformed her life.


“The fan support and love for ‘Anne With an E’ is surprising, incredible and heartwarming. How I love these friendly spirits. It proves to me how connected this series has been to such a diverse audience across the world and how important it has been to everyone. I am incredibly proud of these three seasons. Creating “Anne With an E” was a wonderful experience. It was my heart’s plan and I gave it my all. I am so grateful to the amazing cast, support staff, writers and directors, for – in a passionate way – bringing my vision to life. I will miss this series forever. Having said that, I would love to write a closing film for “Anne With an E” ”.

Netflix has not taken a position on this possibility, but the popular appeal online is crucial for the possibility of being evaluated by the streaming platform.

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The plot follows orphan Anne (Amybeth McNulty), an optimistic girl who will live with the Cuthberts family in England. Due to her peculiar manner, Anne ends up suffering to adapt to the difficult life of the countryside.

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