‘Anne With an E’, ‘The OA’ and other 8 great series CANCELED by Netflix

When it launched, Netflix promised to invest in content that audiences would enjoy regardless of the commercial success of the series or film. However, in the latest models everything has changed. Trying to sidestep the competition in a totally capitalist world, Netflix has become everything that streaming tries not to be.

In recent years, they’ve canceled big shows with spectacular stories just because audiences didn’t like streaming executives. And of course, that left FURIOUS subscribers… and for good reason.

Faced with this question, CinePOP tried to remember 10 great series loved by the public that Netflix canceled.

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If you visit a Netflix post on one of your social networks, you might find the following message from a fan: “Renova Anne with an E!” One of the cutest and most adorable series of recent times, the small screen adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s book has been canceled by the streaming giant after three seasons. With Amybeth McNulty, Anne With an E has been able to solve serious problems in a light and important way. Unfortunately, the company – along with its partner CBC – judged that the number of audiences was insufficient to guarantee continuity of production. To date, there is a strong campaign to save the series, but over time that becomes more and more unlikely.

Before Anne With an E fans took over Netflix’s social media, the space was ‘rented’ by The OA fans, who were also disgusted by the company’s decision not to continue. with the saga created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. One of the most ambitious and thought-provoking productions of recent years, the series was canceled after two seasons. The rationale, as almost always, was the small audience, although the company does recognize fan loyalty. Screenwriter and protagonist, Marling thanked audiences for their support and criticized the purely capitalist decision of the rulers. Even today, given the many mysteries surrounding the series, there is a theory that this is all just a marketing ploy and that a new season will unfold in secret.

It’s very difficult for a comedy series to be perfect even in its first season. Classics like The Office or Parks and Recreation had irregular early years. Unfortunately, Netflix didn’t want to give the fun, engaging and nostalgic Everything Sucks! Another chance. The maturing comedy recounted the daily life of teenagers in an American high school and placed great emphasis on the issue of representativeness by featuring a black boy and a lesbian girl as the protagonists. There was a lot of potential for growth, but it ended up being overlooked by company executives. Again, the low audience was the rationale.

Wow, Netflix … American Vandal deserved more than two seasons for a total of 16 episodes. The series was a parody of Making a Murder-style investigative documentaries, bringing crime into the high school universe in the United States. As well as playing with a hit genre, the production also managed to tell its own story in a fun and engaging way. The first season was nominated for an Emmy for Best Screenplay. The cancellation was due to the breakdown of the partnership between Netflix and producer CBS Studios. The streaming company started honoring 100% original productions, so it ended up dropping the series. CBS tried to find a new home for American Vandal, but it still hasn’t been successful, and today it seems highly unlikely.

Even the cult name of Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge: love in red) was not enough to save The Get Down from the cancellation of its first season (split into two parts). In fact, the opposite has happened. The director’s many commitments in the cinema ended up preventing him from continuing to be involved in the production of the series. Netflix could even continue production without the director, but then there are the other cancellation factors: the low audience, the high cost of production – the first season was budgeted at a total of $ 120 million – and the reception. divided in part from television criticism.

Do you know that grand series story that no one has seen? This is the case with the animated series Tuca & Bertie, a fun production created by Lisa Hanawalt and the makers of BoJack Horseman. Centered on the friendship between a Tucana and a Sparrow, the series mixes nonsense with pleasure, without forgetting the serious themes. She speaks of maturity, always from a female perspective. But, unlike most cases on this list, here’s a happy ending. Although it was canceled by Netflix, under protest from fans, Tuca & Bertie was saved by the Adult Swin channel and will win a new season in 2021.

Sense8 has never been unanimous on Netflix. Despite the passionate horde of fans, especially in Brazil, the series has always had problems when executives had to decide: renewed or canceled. And it was at the end of the second season that the low audience + high production cost formula (with filming in different parts of the world) ended up leading to the cancellation of the production. Turns out… as we pointed out earlier, Sense8 has always been a series with very engaged and passionate fans. Well, the same Netflix “bothered” so much that the company ended up approving the making of a special over two hour movie / episode to deliver a closing due to the saga created by J. Michael Straczynski, Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski.

Reimagining a classic ’70s series, One Day at a Time made its debut quietly on Netflix. And it stayed that way for three seasons. The series tells the story of a family of Cuban origin living in the United States and has as a big attraction funny and charismatic characters, in addition to current themes such as representativeness, feminism and prejudice. The cast is led by EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner Rita Moreno. Although very entertaining, the series never had a large following, which ended up generating its cancellation at the end of the third season. If the sadness of seeing his series canceled wasn’t enough, fans still had to accept a closure with a beautiful cliffhanger. Fortunately, ODAAT was finally rescued for a fourth season by the Pop TV channel after a campaign starring many celebrities.

She must have it (2017-2019)

Produced by Spike Lee and inspired by the director’s classic film (She Wants It All, 1986), She’s Gotta Have It didn’t have a long life on Netflix. The series only had two seasons and a total of 19 episodes. The decision was made in the second half of 2019, shortly after Netflix recorded its first half of long-running decline in subscriptions in the United States. In a strictly commercial decision, the company decided not to invest in productions that did not have the potential to attract new subscribers. Initially, Spike Lee wanted to continue the series on another channel, but that hasn’t really happened yet. At the moment, the director is set to release a new film on Netflix himself: Detachment Blood.

Santa Clarita Diet was one of Netflix’s main bets in the field of humor, with the presence of two well-known protagonists: Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. Original, fun and absurd, the series followed the routine of a family after the death of mother, Sheila Hammond (Barrymore), who became a sort of zombie who desires human flesh, needing her daughter’s help. (Liv Hewson) and her husband. (Olyphant) to survive and not stand out. Without a very large audience, the production ended up being canceled after three seasons. But the worst part was the fact that the cancellation came after a huge cliffhanger, forever compromising the fan experience with the series.

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