“Archive Burning”: an action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger for a reboot

According to Bloody Disgusting, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic action flick, Eraser, will be rebooted.

Entitled “Eraser: Reborn”, the new feature film will star Dominic Sherwood (“Shadowhunters”).

The plot will focus on Marshal Mason Pollard, specializing in the staging of false deaths of witnesses who must leave no trace of their existence.

Jacky Lai (“Apocalypse V”), McKinley Belcher III (“Ozark”) and Eddie Ramos (“Animal Kingdom”) round out the cast.

The project has received a high age rating and can only be viewed by adults. The feature film was rated by the MPA for “violence and language”.

Still no release date, we expect Warner Bros. launch the reboot in mid 2022, directly on VOD.

The production was shot in secret during the summer of 2021.

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