“Army of the Dead”: Netflix Subscribers Love Zack Snyder’s Zombie Movie; Check out the reactions!

‘Army of the Dead – Las Vegas Invasion’, the overproduction of zombies directed by Zack Snyder is now available in the Netflix catalog, and subscribers of the platform love the adventure.

The plot is set after a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, USA, and follows a group of mercenaries and their final bet, venturing into the quarantine zone in an attempt to lead the biggest assault ever. .

On social media, fans of the filmmaker post several praise for the production, the relaxed plot, moments of action and even the chemistry among the cast.

Some subscribers said they watched more than once, others said “Army of the Dead” became Snyder’s best work.

And there are also people who ask for a sequel.

Check out the reactions:

Love you @ZackSnyder now give me a sequel to Army of the Dead https://t.co/feqbzQJFxg

– Bruna (@juliagabriels) May 22, 2021

Army of the Dead is my favorite Snyder movie. That’s it. pic.twitter.com/nRO3oAOISA

– Ant ⚡ (@andersonant) May 21, 2021

Zack Snyder delivered again … ARMY OF THE DEAD IS TOO GOOD, MAN COLLECT MASTERPIECES, HAS NO PATH #ArmyOfTheDead pic.twitter.com/VuqqbK6G39

– luskas (@spiderbatima) May 22, 2021

Again yesterday, Mozão and I watched Army of The Dead 2x
My house and I will serve Zack Snyder

– Princess Cannabis (@princesacanabs) May 22, 2021

Army of the Dead is very good and I think it has become my favorite snyder movie. there’s a zombie on the soundtrack and it’s the perfect movie to watch with your dad over a glass of coke. #ArmyOfTheDead pic.twitter.com/r4Cqa0Otis

– heroin bin (@heroinadolixo) May 21, 2021

Enjoy watching:

The army of the dead is perfect in EVERYTHING papaicito too shaken note 1000/10

now go to netflix like and stream the movie to be VERY successful and zack snyder to defeat Warner Bros and finally his fandom movement on pic.twitter.com/dCofugpB4d

– luizito 🍭 (@aalazul) May 21, 2021

give a lot of flow in Army of The Dead, put some money in the zequinha’s pocket and guarantee the sequence pic.twitter.com/L9Myq7G4mP

– robin #ArmyOfTheDead (@ graysonrobin1) May 21, 2021

army of the dead is very good i recommend pic.twitter.com/1XlJ5EeI4p

– nanda (@onfsds) May 21, 2021

#ArmyOfTheDead | Netflix has released a documentary about the film’s production, where Zack Snyder and the crew discuss the recordings, curiosities, and the zombie genre.

Behind the scenes of ARMY OF THE DEAD: Invasion of Las Vegas, it lasts 20 minutes. pic.twitter.com/ESYgCYetln

– SnyderCut • BR | SNYDERVERSO (@SnyderCutBR) May 21, 2021

Zombies, a lot of violence and a good dose of slow motion! Army Of The Dead is everything we would expect from a Zack Snyder movie. After a pipe accidentally leads to an undead infestation in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries plan a dangerous attack on the casino. pic.twitter.com/24fU07K9vo

– Yuki 🍥 (@Yuki_BLC) May 21, 2021

Army of The Dead is very good! A very different zombie movie than we’re used to, another hit from @ZackSnyder #ArmyOfTheDead #ZackSnyder pic.twitter.com/9e9NdMBkc1

– Vitão do Multiverso (@VitaoMultiverso) May 21, 2021

Army of the Dead is too bad brother, finally Netflix released a good movie, amen God Snyder pic.twitter.com/HvnXswp97I

– John Wick (@Taffareeeelll) May 22, 2021

Just watched Army of the Dead, liked it a lot, much better than expected.
And there are a lot of amazing songs in the movie. I recommend! pic.twitter.com/wWoX1ikWCy

– George Gomes 🏳️‍🌈 (@ gGnomes1) May 22, 2021

Thank you Snyder for making a movie about my quarantine while I’m quarantined in my bedroom.
Watched Army of the Dead, very good, I recommend! pic.twitter.com/hJlewmLT0j

– Daniely Sousa (@Danielyvsousa) May 21, 2021

The start of the iconic Army of the Dead, an impeccable soundtrack pic.twitter.com/lA8wau3tRp

– GabsB (@gabsbs_) May 22, 2021

I finished watching “Army Of The Dead: Invasion in Las Vegas” and really liked it, but the ending was pretty frustrating …
One piece of advice I give is: don’t get attached to any character.
@NetflixBrasil I want the 2nd movie right now! pic.twitter.com/ioIRYMNBMH

– Leonardo Borges (@ LEONARDO_150702) May 21, 2021

Recalling that the production received a great 74% approval from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Of the 173 reviews published, 122 are positive and 51 are negative.

In the general consensus of critics, “Army of the Dead is an ambitious and over-the-top assault and zombie film, which takes Zack Snyder back to the roots of his genre with an appropriate bloody twist.”

Check out the main reviews:

Asher Luberto, LA Weekly
With zombie tigers, zombie queens, zombie kings, and Elvis zombies raising their monstrous heads all the time, watching Snyder’s latest is like hitting the zombie jackpot.

Brent Hankins, The Lamplight Review
The narrative would have been better served with a little more humanity and a little less broken heads, but Army of the Dead is still a lot of fun, showing a fun that was lacking in Snyder’s dark approach to superhero movies.

Nicholas Bell, IONCINEMA
A forceful joke without the fear of sounding horrible without depending entirely on comedy, which acts as a deferral for Snyder, ignoring the weight of waiting for something purely fun.

Danny Leigh, Financial Times
Snyder films with success and intrigue as a 14 year old boy breaking into his parents’ liquor cellar.

Criticism | Army of the Dead is BLOODY, full of slow motion and everything you’d expect from Zack Snyder

Clarisse Loughrey – Independent
A baroque tapestry of blood, bullets and bones – there is never a shortage of memorable scenes, even though their symbolism is so obvious that it appears to have been shouted into a megaphone.

Rodrigo Perez, the playlist
Zack Snyder understood the task perfectly, and George A. Romero would be proud if the visionary filmmaker did not forget the political and social advantage of his classic zombies.

Sharronda Williams, pay or wait
Army of the Dead is an absolute blast from start to finish. Snyder continues to elevate the zombie genre while making an assault film full of comedy and heart.

Brian Tallerico – RogerEbert
It’s fun and unpretentious, motivated more by its action scenes than anything else.

Sebastian Zavala Kahn – More players
No, it wasn’t supposed to last two and a half hours, but it’s still fun and absurdly intense. It’s not art, but neither is it an attempt to be.

Matt Donato – WhatToWatch
“ Army Of The Dead ” sets the stage for a crazy tale written with very frustrating finesse to withstand explosive action that spreads zombie heads like paintings by Jackson Pollock.

Yago García – Cinemanía
The director’s return to the zombie genre resulted in a fun and personal film.

K. Austin Collins – Rolling Stone
It’s a pretty good formula, with the ingredients for a solid piece of pop-making – and that’s basically what Snyder comes up with.

Kate sánchez
Army Of The Dead is awesome, and while it’s about 30 minutes too long just when you look at the clock to check the time, the final act brings you back with some final action that ends in style.

Cynthia Vinney – CBR
Army Of The Dead features more intrigue than the typical monster movie, and most of them are surprisingly successful, even though the movie is busier than it needs to be.

Bill Goodykoontz – Republic of Arizona
Imagine the most glorious and bloody orgy of zombies. Now imagine that this is not enough and you will have a good idea of ​​what is going on in Army Of The Dead.

The feature will be released to the platform tomorrow, May 21, with an age rating of over 18.

Directed by Zack Snyder (“Dawn of the Dead”), the film, which was shot in Las Vegas, had a budget of US $ 70 million.

Dave Bautista stars in the production. The cast also includes Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Ana De La Reguera, Theo Rossi, Matthias Schweighöfer, Nora Arnezeder, Hiroyuki Sanada, Garret Dillahunt, Tig Notaro, Raúl Castillo, Huma Qureshi, Samantha Win, Richard Cetrone and Michael Cassidy.

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