“Army of the Dead”: recordings end and Zack Snyder releases a casting image; Check out!

On his Twitter profile, director Zack Snyder shared one of the cast from “ Army of the Dead ” and announced that filming for the pre-sequence is now complete.

Among the stars in the picture are Guztavo Khanage, Nathalie Emmanuel, Matthias Schweighöfer, Ruby O’Fee and Stuart Martin.

In the caption he wrote:

“We have reached the end of the recording of the pre-sequence for ‘Army of the Dead’. Thanks to all the cast and crew at Netflix. “


Enjoy watching:

This is a conclusion on Army of the Dead: The Prequel. Thanks to all the cast and crew and Netflix #armyofthedead #aotd pic.twitter.com/GvwAKVyjse

– Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) December 22, 2020

Recalling that the production will reach the Netflix catalog still in 2021, but that the release date has not yet been released.

In an interview with Slashfilm, Snyder assured that the new zombie movie would be epic; with lots of action and practical effects.

“90% of our zombies are practical effects. There is a war with zombies, action sequences and a lot of fighting; my longtime friend and partner Damon Caro has worked hard to create zombie mayhem on an epic level.

He continued:

“I love funny movies, but not silly. It’s a fine line. I wanted this movie to be uncontrolled zombie madness. My Netflix partners have supported me and started this journey with me. “

The film, with a budget of US $ 70 million, was shot in Las Vegas.

The cast also includes Dave Bautista (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), Ella Purnell (‘Home for Peculiar Children’), Theo Rossi (‘Luke Cage’), Ana De La Reguera (‘Everything and Everything’) and Huma Qureshi ( “Kaala”).

The plot is set in the midst of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas and follows a man who assembles a group of mercenaries for the biggest bet of his life: venturing into the quarantine zone to lead the biggest assault ever. attempted.

Make sure to watch:


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