Article | ‘True Blue’ 35 years ago cemented Madonna’s splendid career

The legendary Madonna officially began her career in 1983 with the release of her self-titled album. Since then, she has risen to the rank of the greatest pop star on the planet and continues to be immortalized as the Queen of Pop by music experts, not only for having emerged as an unmatched force over the past decades. , but also for having influenced several generations with revolutionary music, while helping to bring multiple phonographic genres, such as dance-pop, into the mainstream.

Despite having made impressive debuts – which resulted in the memorable songs “Borderline”, “Lucky Star” and “Holiday”, for example – it would be only three years later that the singer and songwriter would become the superstar. that we know. And of course I’m referring to the release of the iconic “True Blue”, which turns 35 today.

But why is production so important?

Considering that Madonna had already released two other albums – the aforementioned eponymous and the famous “Like a Virgin” – the artist was to be expected to invest in a complete overhaul of her character, just as she would in the next “Like”. a Prayer ”, ‘Erotica’ and ‘Ray of Light’. Adopting a more denominational and deeper tone than that found in previous singles (like “Material Girl” and “Everybody”), she would use the purest pop to address universal themes such as romantic relationships – especially as the album is dedicated to then husband Sean Penn – disappointments, dreams and career ambitions. In addition, there is a deep incorporation of elements of classical music to accompany it on the nine beautiful tracks, leaving room for forays into Latin aspects (“La Isla Bonita”) and homeopathic inflections (“Papa Don ‘ t Preach “).

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‘True Blue’ became a commercial and critical success shortly after its debut. As well as breaking records and making her debuts in 28 countries, pundits at the time praised Madonna’s maturity when it comes to the creative process – which was to be expected, given that she had everything to do with it. sequel imposed as a rising star – and called it ultimate 1980s and 1990s pop, distinguishing how the album extended its ramifications to other artists. Through implicit and explicit guesses that permeated not only the lyrics but the memorable clips as well, Madonna criticized gender stereotypes, reaffirmed the tomboy alter-ego she had used since the start of the decade, and provoked a dense cultural impact with analyzes of the practice. .voyeur and multiculturalism (something seen in the predecessor times with Cher).

Sticking to the messages she wanted to convey to fans and the general public, several writers realized that the performer had used considerable baggage to begin to “manipulate her image – and her audience – with a genuine sense of clarity and purpose, making it a point of honor to show quality music to support calculating domination, ”as Slant Magazine pointed out in 2012. The narrative fluidity built into each track was supported by dizzying sales, which have reached no less than 25 million copies worldwide, marking it in the Book of Records for the first time and reaffirming the status it aspired to. Rising to the rank of the biggest star in female music, she now shared the starred with Michael Jackson and Prince and even received the MTV Video Music Awards Vanguard Award (being the first woman to achieve such a feat).

It was from there that the singer finally found her voice, extricating herself from the fabricated disapproval, in the eyes of some critics, that she had presented a few years ago. As she revisited new albums, Madonna’s own personality transmuted into a chameleon adaptation of what she believed in and stood for, betting dangerous and transgressive chips that would bring outrageous music videos, poignant storylines and more to life. too sensual photoshoots for those who weren’t ready. . And, carrying all the structures he has presented to date, we find the solid and indestructible foundation of ‘True Blue’.

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