‘Babenco’: Brazil is STILL out of Oscar race

The Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences released the pre-shortlist of films selected for the 2021 Oscar for Best Foreign Film and Brazil was once again out of the race for the golden statuette.

“Babenco – Someone Must Hear the Heart and Say: Stopped”, by Bárbara Paz, was not among the finalists.

Babenco gained worldwide fame with “ The Kiss of the Spider Woman ” (1985), which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Director and a Best Actor statuette in William Hurt. His last film was “Meu Amigo Hindu” (2015), an autobiographical film in which a director named Diego (Willem Dafoe) was confronted with lymphatic cancer – as happened with Babenco in the 1990s. the other films he has made are “O Past” (2007) and “Carandiru” (2003).

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