BBB 21 | Who would be the participants in the Marvel films?

The controversial 21st edition of Big Brother Brasil was one of the few collective experiences Brazilians can have without having to break quarantine. Every ‘peek’ at the house generates millions of reactions, memes and comments on social media, giving viewers a sense of involvement. Upon entering the game, CinePOP decided to bring cinema closer to this edition by comparing participants to characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So sit back, read and have fun with this great game, then say whether or not you are okay with the choices. Go!

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Kerline – Crossbones

The first to be eliminated from BBB 21 was her sister Kerline. She didn’t have much time to show why she had come, but she ended up in trouble at the first house party. As with the Crossbones (Frank Grillo), who appeared briefly in the Captain America films, “Ker” ‘s biggest contribution to editing was the timing of her elimination, which resulted in a full blown civil war.

Lucas Penteado – Loki

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Lucas Penteado’s visit to the house was short, but extremely busy. Like Loki (Tom Hiddleston), he started off as a hero and turned into the villain within seconds, causing a lot of confusion. However, he showed he had enough charisma to regain his status as a protagonist. When his comrades began to harass him and abuse his goodwill, he grew up and took on the role of an antihero for good. Sadly, he unfortunately ended up leaving the plot and some brothers still see him as a villain. And let’s face it, the story has lost a lot with its ending.

Arcrebiano – Agent Coulson

Arcrebiano has several similarities to Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), starting with the fact that no one calls them by their real name (Coulson’s name is Phill). They both took a long time to get something into the plot and when they decided to do … well, it was too late. On the positive side, their sacrifice served to bring together a very special group. Ah, they both had a brief connection to HYDRA sickness

Karol Conká – Ego

Evil incarnate. Such a cruel person who arouses fear even in the hearts of other villains. It was hard to reach a villain who matched the level of nonsense Karol Conká is doing in this edition of BBB. I thought about putting Thanos (Josh Brolin) on, but he, for better or for worse, had his reasons – however twisted – for doing what he did. So, I came to the conclusion that their attitudes at home correspond a lot with Ego (Kurt Russell), the celestial who turned many people’s lives in hell, exclusively to deal with their selfish motives. Ah, they both have ego the size of a planet as well.

Lumena – Alexander Pierce

It also took me a while to assign a character to Lumena. She clearly came in thinking that she was going to be a type of Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), fighting for causes and everything. However, it didn’t take even a day for the mask to fall off and it turned out to be the Brazilian version of Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford), the former director of SHIELD whose arrogance made him underestimate even the Avengers. Nothing in the MCU has happened without his permission, which really insisted on setting himself as the example to follow. However, as seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Pierce was found to be one of the main culprits behind the agency’s “jagged leads” in cruel and indefensible attitudes, as well as Lumena’s involvement in editing so far.

Nego Di – Trevor Slattery

This relationship was pretty easy to make, actually. Think about it, both are involved in the art world, they made history because the production thought they would be a good comedic relief – although no one finds it funny – they think they are from. great manipulators, but in fact they only supported the plot of a bigger villain. There is no doubt that Nego Di is a false Mandarin.

Projota – Ultron

Projota is 100% Ultron (James Spader) for the following reason: Anyone who says they are not disappointed with him is lying. His arrival was made with the best of intentions, but all it took was one contact with the outside world for his evil plans to be initiated. Have you ever seen this? The two swear to have a different outlook, believing they know what’s going on in the minds of everyone around them, but, right? This is not the way it works.

Pocah – Infinity War Hulk

As you may remember, the Hulk had a great action scene in Avengers: Infinity War (2018), but he beat Thanos and just spent the rest of the movie asleep inside Bruce Banner. (Mark Ruffalo). Living the life he asked of God, Pocah spends the whole day sleeping and barely appears in the edit, but swears he’s the protagonist. After all, like the Hulk, who had already gained great prominence in previous films, she had a history of fame due to her life as an MC.

Rodolffo – Yellow jacket

Like Jaqueta Amarela, who was respected in the select world of industrial entrepreneurs, Rodolffo once arrived home as a famous person known for a niche further away from the general public. However, he quickly joined an “Ant Man” to try and achieve his goal and so on. He’s yet to become a villain, but he has certain attitudes that point to the possibility of it happening in the blink of an eye.

Caio – Ant Homem

Separated by a particle Pym, Caio and Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) look more alike than you might think. Besides having controversial backgrounds, some talk about scams and the like, both are very charismatic, funny, spontaneous, half-silly and are family men. It is impossible not to sympathize with them.

Camilla de Lucas – Vespa

Camilla and Vespa arrived as budding protagonists, but let’s face it, they didn’t do anything to justify the possibility of being called supporting actors. There is still time to change that.

Sarah – Black Widow

The two started there as supporting actors, with no one giving them much, but the first opportunity was enough for them to show that they are incredible protagonists, able to win the hearts of fans with their espionage techniques and their brilliant strategies to defeat evil and defend. their friends.

Gil – Captain America

Like Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Gil made several attempts to enter the program, being rejected at all times. Until he had a chance and he arrived ready to prove he was worthy of it. The two were also ridiculed by their respective ways of being, besides being able to read game situations like few others, showing themselves to be great strategists. Even if they are moved, they are able to express their feelings and motivate their friends to do their best.

Juliet – Spider-Man

Blown away to be in the midst of whom she had always admired, Juliette was too aroused, which resulted in heavy bullying from her colleagues. Likewise, Peter (Tom Holland) has always been the butt of teasing in school, although he has always shown great potential. If there is one thing that Peter Parker needs to teach Juliette, it is that as she gains confidence, she will be able to show her protagonism and win over fans with her charisma and kindness. All this without mentioning that she has helped her friends endure and defeat publishing villains, showing that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Fiuk – Mysterio

Fiuk and Quentin Beck both introduced themselves to Peter Parker as an ally and used his youthful enthusiasm to grow into the plot, overcoming that innocence. In other words, they even looked promising at first, but time has shown their business to be just a big illusion.

Tube Viih – Talos

Like a Skrull, Viih Tube has the ability to infiltrate conversations between the two groups in the story. Not that she’s exactly in disguise, but until we know which side she chose, it’s hard to understand what’s going on in that head. Both are close to “Spider-Man” and believe in his potential. And the two share a bad experience with the “flerkens”.

Carla Diaz – Iron Man

Okay, this one is controversial, but it makes sense. Like Tony, Carlinha has already come down in history with previous fame, making her budding protagonists. However, after spending time with the bad guys, they started to figure out how to turn this around. If all goes well, they will still grow a lot in the plot and be able to surprise, even if they do not necessarily win.

Arthur – Justin Hammer

This one was also pretty obvious. For starters, the two really think they’re protagonists, even though they’re used by other villains. Plus, they spent a long time drying “Tony Stark” to try and get closer. This relationship was a little strange, but it was part of the story. When Arthur leaves the stage, a lot of people should only remember because of the weird little dance and the distraught relationship with “Tony” this time around, like Mr. Hammer.

Thais – Baby Groot in the vase

Without doing much in the story, Thais and Baby Groot in the Vase only seem to be really cute. Other than that, they’re just small plants most of the time.

João – Doctor Samson

Do you remember Doctor Samson was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Yeah, I didn’t remember that either. I think that says it all.

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