Betty White’s 10 Best Roles

Today, December 31, Hollywood legend Betty White passed away.

The actress, winner of numerous awards – including three Screen Actors Guild Awards, one Grammy Award and five Emmy Awards – and with a career spanning no less than nine decades, has broken countless records and has become one of the symbols of classic entertainment and entertainment. contemporary.

To honor her and celebrate her unspeakable legacy, we’ve prepared a simple story with her ten best roles.

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In the 1970s, White brought Sue Ann Nivens to life, a character who on the outside masquerades as a skilled, sweet and perfect housewife – but who is in fact a very sarcastic, obsessive woman. male and extremely competitive. The actress’ first appearance as Sue was in season four. At first, White would only be a guest star, but she fell in with the audience and returned for other episodes (and earned her her first two Emmy Awards.

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One of White’s most important and memorable roles was on the acclaimed sitcom “Supercats” (“The Golden Girls”). In the plot, the actress played Rose Nylund, a widow who shared a house with two other widows and a recently divorced widow. The role won her an Emmy statuette for her incredible performance – and, in the plot, she co-starred with her colleagues Ruth McClanahan and Bea Arthur.

“Maybe This Time” might not be one of the most well-known sitcoms on American television, especially considering its short lifespan (a single season with barely 18 episodes). In the plot, White played protagonist Shirley Wallace, mother of Julia (Marie Osmond), a woman obsessed with men and who eludes the precepts one expects from an older woman – something that has caused comparisons with another character who lived, Sue Ann Nivens.


When you think of the name Betty White, you would never imagine the actress, with appreciable comedic charm, taking part in horror films. But, contrary to expectations, the actress did a great job on the satirical horror “Scream in the Lake” – a classic B-list that fell into popular taste years after its release. Here, White plays Mrs. Delores Bickerman, a widow who lives next to a lake overrun with deadly crocodiles – and, of course, providing all the comedic escape we’ve come to expect from her personality.

THIS SHOW FROM THE 1970s (2002 – 2003)

In another of her iconic guest roles, White played Beatrice “Bea” Sigurdson in the classic comedy series “That ’70s Show”. The character masquerades as a very sympathetic lady – but in reality, she is loud and very rude, even to her family. Bea appeared in a few episodes of season 5 and had a big impact even in the few chapters she appeared.

The drama ‘Boston Legal’ allowed White to demonstrate even more facets of her incredible performative versatility when playing Catherine Piper. In the production, she gave birth to Catherine Piper, a struggling woman who, among the many controversial things she’s done in her life, committed two armed robberies and set her doctor’s office on fire.

In another of her forays into television, White brought Ann Douglas to life in the famous and long-running American soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”. The character was married to a businessman named John Douglas and together they had two daughters. In the plot, she moves from Chicago to Los Angeles with her daughter, Pamela, at the request of her son-in-law. The actress brought the character to life between the years 2006 to 2009, in recurring appearances.

In the sitcom “Hot in Cleveland”, White played Elka Ostrovsky, an old Polish janitor whose demeanor and criticism of other women reveals a constant allusion to a historical past – which includes an escape from the Nazis, an active sex life, a constant consumption of alcohol and possible use of marijuana. Her role earned her another Emmy nomination and two Screen Actors Guild Awards action figures.

It’s amazing how such a great actress manages to have such a huge impact in just one episode of a series – especially since she won the Emmy for Best Guest Actress for her multiple performances in the sketch of. 2010 “Saturday Night Live”. Inside her comfort zone, White has managed to once again prove her honorary title of one of the great ladies of comedy by showing undeniable versatility and impeccable quality.

‘Toy Story 4’ is just another flawless chapter in the eponymous animated franchise – and for those who didn’t believe it could get better, I have to let you know that it could be. White made a cameo appearance alongside other comedy legends (including Mel Brooks and Carol Burnett) to play Bitey White, one of young Bonnie’s oldest toys.

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