“Bia: Um Mundo dos Avesso”: Disney + special gets trailer and premiere date; Check out!

Disney + recently released the official trailer for “ Bia: Um Mundo do Avesso, ” a special event in the namesake Argentinian series that ended last year after just two seasons.


‘Bia: Um Mundo dos Avesso’ presents an imaginary universe in front of the story presented in the Disney Channel Disney Bia series. This adventure is full of new conflicts, settings and intrigues that will completely change the life of Bia and her friends. In this alternate world, everything is different. Alliances, secrets and disappointments will build this story to the rhythm of the music. Everything is worth shining on the show.

Isabela Souza, Julio Peña, Gabriella Di Grecco, Fernando Dente and others return for the special.

Enjoy watching:

Remember that the soundtrack will bring no less than 6 original songs.

“ Bia: Um Mundo dos Avesso ” opens February 19.

Make sure to watch:


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