Billie Eilish releases “Your Power”, new single on her 2nd studio album

Young popstar Billie Eilish today (29) released the official single and music video for “Your Power”, which will be part of her second studio album “Happier Than Ever”.


The album will be released on July 30.

“My Future” and “Therefore I Am” are also featured as official singles on the album.

Billie made her official music debut in 2019 with “ When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Which received critical acclaim and won him several awards.

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Eilish also became the youngest artist to win the Grammy Awards for Album of the Year and the second in history to win the top four – Album, Music of the Year, Record of the Year and Artist of the Year. breakthrough. In 2021, he won two more: Record of the Year and Best Music Written for Visual Media.

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