‘Birds of Prey 2’ isn’t coming anytime soon, reveals Margot Robbie

‘Birds of Prey’ promised to be a big hit and a revolution in DC Comics adaptations by bringing the first group of anti-heroines to the big screen. However, the feature only raised $ 201.8 million worldwide, on a budget of $ 85 million. In other words, the film just paid for itself – but it did not generate the expected profit.

As such, it looks like Warner Bros. has no plans to invest in a sequel, at least for now.

At least that’s what actress Margot Robbie revealed to Den of Geek, when asked if the sequel was still in her plans.

“I don’t know if the sequel will happen anytime soon. I don’t think that’s a no. But no, there is no sequel going on as far as I know, “he said.

Recently, actress Jurnee Smollett confirmed that she will be returning to live in Black Canary in a spin-off of “Birds of Prey” made for HBO Max.

“I think Canário is out of the cage! 🤪 I am so excited to finally embark on this adventure with my creative soul sister @MishaGreen. 🖤💛 #blackcanary, ”the actress said.

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I guess the Canary is out of the cage! 🤪 So looking forward to finally embarking on this adventure with my creative soul mate @MishaGreen. 🖤💛 #blackcanary #dinahlance #lettttsssssgoooooo ahhhhhhhhh !!!!! https://t.co/GocuNdEn6E

– jurnee smollett (@jurneesmollett) August 20, 2021

According to Collider, Misha Green will script the project. She received an Emmy nomination for “Lovecraft Country”, also starring Smollett, and is currently writing the sequel to “Tomb Raider”.

The film will be produced by Sue Kroll, who was also the producer of ‘Birds of Prey’.

More news will be announced soon.

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