Black Awareness Day | 15 recent and important movies to watch up to date and always

Officially celebrated (belatedly) since 2011, Black Awareness Day is more than special and necessary. Indispensable for reflecting on the past and aiming only for improvements for the future with regard to racial and social issues. The holiday aims to honor Zumbi dos Palmares, a symbol of freedom who fought in the fight against slavery in the country, being considered a true national hero.

Here at CinePOP, doing our part and contributing with the best we know, speaking of movies, we’ve picked a list of 15 recent productions that are essential for understanding the date a bit more and, most importantly, honoring the black culture, by putting forward actors of the race and vocal space as protagonists of various works of the most varied genres. It’s curious to think that even in a Mecca like Hollywood, which is a beacon to the world, there is still a long way to go until equality of protagonism is achieved.

Our list, however, aims to focus on productions that are little spoken or known to the general public, favoring not-so-obvious choices, many of which have just arrived in the most varied streaming channels available. Oh yeah, we also recommend movies we love and can’t miss in the theme, like Black Panther, Infiltrated in the Klan, Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk, Run !, We, The Hate You Sow , among others, but as said, these are the productions that everyone generally recommends, because they are extremely famous.

See below and come with us to unveil these hidden gems, and some not so hidden ones too, and celebrate this very important day, today, at the weekend and always – after all, it is a cause that deserves to be. ‘be reminded daily.


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Biography of revolutionary Harriet Tubman, fleeing slavery to help free hundreds of slaves, changing history forever and becoming one of the greatest American heroines of all time. Harriet was nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Song and Lead Actress for Cynthia Erivo – despite this, it was not shown in Brazilian cinemas. The feature is now streaming. In the cast, Janelle Monáe, and directed by Kasi Lemmons. And to think that Julia Roberts was destined to play the protagonist in the past – that would be very wrong.

Fight for justice

Another feature that’s coming to the streams, after a quick visit to theaters earlier this year, Fight for Justice tells an uplifting real-life story about the struggle for civil rights. Based on the book by renowned defense lawyer Bryan Stevenson who fights to free a man wrongly sentenced to death from prison. In the film, the great Michael B. Jordan sees Stevenson and Oscar Oscar Jamie Foxx plays the injured Walter McMillian.

sorry to bother you

A success at the Sundance Festival, this comedy with doses of science fiction marks the debut under the direction of musician Boots Riley. Set in an alternate version of Oakland, a telemarketing salesperson discovers the key to professional success: ringing “white” on the phone. I could see by this premise that the feature film operates on the sheer basis of irony and sourness to emphasize our everyday racism. The star is still underrated at Lakeith Stanfield. And the film receives support from co-star Tessa Thompson. And what production is not better with the presence of the actress?


It’s for loving hearts. Released in early 2020, with universal distribution in the United States, the film was written and directed by filmmaker Stella Meghie. Once again, the protagonist is Lakeith Stanfield, this time associated with another female given name of the moment: the humorous sensation Issa Rae (creator, protagonist and producer of the HBO series Insecure). The plot presents a series of interconnected love stories, where the center is the character of Rae, the daughter of a famous photographer who falls in love with a reporter (Stanfield) investigating the life of her late mother.

Colors of justice

In the list we have movies of all genres, for all tastes. There is no shortage of representative productions. Here, it’s the turn of an action-packed, tense crime thriller directed by Deon Taylor. In the film, Oscar nominated Naomie Harris (Moonlight) plays a policeman who suffers from prejudice in his old New Orleans neighborhood for having forcibly joined and now considered “the enemy” by the inhabitants of this humble location. However, her loyalty will be really put to the test when she witnesses a crime committed by her corrupt colleagues and now finds herself sworn to death, having to seek refuge with an old friend of the neighborhood (Tyrese Gibson).

Blind spot

Another that has flown over Brazilian cinemas and deserves a second chance is this blind spot. Creator of the Sundance Festival and critically acclaimed, with an impressive 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film chronicles the woes of Collin (Daveed Diggs), barely out of prison and on parole, he must complete the last days to be able to change your life for good. However, this task might not be as easy as you think, thanks to your struggling best friend (Rafael Casal). The interesting thing here is that the protagonist duo also wrote the screenplay for this dramatic crime comedy.


A hit in Telluride and Toronto, this family drama sparked big Oscar talk when it was released. The best-known name in the cast is the great Sterling K. Brown (This is Us), who stars as the strict patriarch of a suburban black family, demanding of his children just because he wants the best for them. his future. In the saga of this family, certain tragic developments will change the meaning of their routines. The cast also includes Renée Elise Goldsberry (Disney’s Angelica Hamilton) and HBO’s Alexa Demie, Euphoria’s Maddy.

Queen and Slim

A courageous and poignant tale of racism is another feature that has been beaten by cinemas in our country, broadcast direct to video and streaming channels. Who plays here is the talented Daniel Kaluuya, nominated for an Oscar by Corra! (2017). He saw Slim, whose first meeting with Queen (role of the very tall Jodie Turner-Smith, real wife of actor Joshua Jackson) goes horribly wrong after the couple are stopped by a police officer in his car. Suffering from great abuse, Slim manages to take the police officer’s gun to defend himself and ends up shooting the officer. The couple escape and are soon wanted as criminals, in a sort of modern Bonnie and Clyde. Who drives is Melina Matsoukas.

My name is Dolemite

We never miss an opportunity to recommend this Netflix production and will do so whenever we get the chance. If only to ostracize and put the career of iconic Eddie Murphy, perhaps the most important black comedian in history, back on the awards radar, the film was already worth it. But it is a beautiful tribute to an artist of the past and to a whole movement of black cinema known as blaxploitation, straight out of the 1970s. In the film, Murphy plays Rudy Ray Moore, American actor and movie star B. Ah yes, the feature also saves the missing Wesley Snipes.

Superfly: crime and power

Speaking of blaxploitation, Super Fly (1972) is one of the genre’s most iconic representatives and a true icon of black criminal cinema. This current remake offers to take the theme of a well-dressed and stylish drug dealer more seriously, thinking about one last big job before he retires instead of the crime – even if he has to deal with psychotic cops. and colleagues. The star is Trevor Jackson, and the film also features Kenneth Michael Williams in the cast.


Starring the beautiful, charismatic and talented Gabrielle Union, this spooky thriller, filled with doses of terror and action, is directed by James McTeigue, head of adaptation V for Vendetta (2005), with Natalie Portman. The report on three thugs invading a family home, with a mother and two young children, takes on a whole new connotation when the woman and her children are black and the thugs are white. Provocative and open to interpretations beyond escape entertainment, Invasão is distributed by Universal and also unseen in Brazilian cinemas.

What men like

We come back to the theme of comedies, but still very representative. Do you remember the success of What Women Like, with Mel Gibson as a sexist in contact with his feminine side? The feature will be 20 years old in 2020, and nothing better than a now female-centric reimagining, and not just that, but a black woman, lived by Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson. In the plot, in a male world of sports goods, the protagonist takes an advantage when she begins to listen to men’s thoughts.

The Chefinha

Another very feminine and representative comedy, which has at least one screenplay and direction by Tina Gordon (a name we will still hear a lot, I’m sure), also the screenwriter of the above article. Here is the return of Issa Rae lending her charisma to the skin of a long-suffering employee, working for a shrew in the best of The Devil Wears Prada style. However, the real protagonist is her boss, the role of Regina Hall, who magically gives one of I Want to Be Big and Suddenly 30 and becomes a kid again, needing the help of her snubbed subordinate.

Uncle drew

Plate full for sports fans, especially basketball fans, the movie plays with real personalities and scales like protagonist players like Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson and even Lisa Leslie , basketball player. giving a reinforcement. The fun of the movie is that they all play older versions of players from the past, trying to regain their glory in a championship. The film is an adaptation of a series of Pepsi Max commercials that have aired in the United States since 2012.

Spider-Man in Spider-Man

If Black Panther (2018) is cinema’s most famous representative superhero film, with an Oscar nomination in the main category to prove it, Aranhaverso is not far from winning the Oscar for best animation. and defeated the giants of the category like Disney. And why is a representative of the Spider-Man movie, you ask? Simple, because here who wears the uniform of the hero, it is his new version, the black teenager out of the ghetto, Miles Morales. Need to say more? As if that wasn’t enough, the film still has a unique and revolutionary style of animation. Really beautiful thing. And let the sequence come.

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