‘Black Panther 2’: Marvel executive denies rumors of Chadwick Boseman’s ‘relaunch’ via CGI

Last week, rumors surfaced that producers at Marvel Studios were considering “ relaunching ” Chadwick Boseman via a CGI model in “ Black Panther 2. ”

The information was revealed by inside reporter Grace Randolph, who said the sequel would open with a major battle in Wakanda – which would end with the death of T’Challa, and that Shuri (Letitia Wright) would take the coat of the black panther.

However, Victoria Alonso, vice-president of Marvel, was keen to contradict the rumors by breathing the star, who died at 43, a victim of cancer.

In an interview with Clarin, she was asked about this and said that:

“There’s only one Chadwick Boseman, and he’s not with us anymore. Our king, unfortunately, died in real life, not just in fiction, and it takes time for us to figure out how we are going to deal with it and what we are going to do to honor him properly, but not [não será através de CGI]. His death was so unexpected, so painful … So we have to think carefully about what we’re going to do and how we’re going to honor the franchise.

In 2019, Alonso previously told Yahoo that Marvel would never consider using CGI to recreate a deceased person, regardless of the situation.

“The motion capture is amazing when you see an actor transform into the Hulk or Thanos, like we did with Mark Ruffalo and Josh Brolin. The same thing happens when we rejuvenate an actor, like Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Douglas. But the result is good because they are there to support each other … Reliving a deceased actor is a much more complicated process. For now, we have no intention of doing so. “

Craig Hammack, visual effects supervisor at ILM who worked on “ Captain Marvel, ” said bringing someone back from the dead was a moral and a philosophical question.

“I hope these effects will not be used irresponsibly, because we are dealing with the image of someone who is no longer with us. Personally, I don’t want to see anything other than the performance of a real person.

CGI rejuvenation effects have become very popular today, especially in MCU movies and the “Star Wars” saga. The resource has even been used to revive deceased actors, like Peter Cushing (1913 – 1994), whose image was reproduced in “ Rogue One ” (2016).

Disney also used the same feature to bring back actress Carrie Fisher, as Leia in “ Star Wars: Rise Skywalker, ” after her death in December 2016.

In an interview with Net-a-Porter, Letitia Wright revealed that returning without Boseman would be strange.

“We’re still in mourning for Chad, so that’s not something I want to think about. The idea of ​​doing this without him is quite strange. We’re just in pain right now, so we’re trying to find the light in the middle, ”he revealed.

It’s worth remembering that the character ultimately becomes the ruler of Wakanda in the original comics.

In October of last year, Ryan Coogler signed on to return as writer and director for “ Black Panther 2 ” after his exceptional entry into the MCU with the film which grossed over $ 1.3 billion in the world.

The film also became the first of its superhero genre to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

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