“Black Panther 2”: Michael B. Jordan wants to come back as Erik Killmonger; Expertise!

Marvel and Disney are re-evaluating what to do with ‘Black Panther 2’ following the untimely death of star Chadwick Boseman.

Besides thinking about giving the protagonist to Shuri and not replacing the actor as a character, as a form of tribute and respect, there is another idea hanging around the studios.

The film is rumored to feature Michael B. Jordan, reprising the character of Erik Killmonger!

And, if it depends on the actor, he’s in it. Jordan spoke to PEOPLE about a potential comeback and also expressed his deep respect for Boseman.

“I had a very difficult year losing someone [Boseman] next to me. And what that means for this franchise is that it was devastating. But being in this world in a character that I loved playing and working with director Ryan Coogler is wonderful. It’s like a family. We raised a family there. So being able to be in this world again is something that I think will always be on the table in one way or another. Said the actor.

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According to information from journalist Roger Wardell, the character of Jordan will not be resurrected, but will exist in the “spiritual plane” of Wakanda.

Wardell also suggests that the film will be loaded with political themes and highlights the presence of the Queen of Divine Justice, a princess secretly raised in America by one of T’Challa’s warriors.

This isn’t the first time Killmonger’s return has been mentioned. In January, Angela Bassett and her husband, Courtney B. Vance, attended the SAG Awards and during an interview with ET online, Bassett was asked about the character’s return, responding:

“Technically, we didn’t see him enter the ocean.”

In the first movie, T’Challa communicated with his late father through a ritual visit to the Ancestral Plane, this must be a great way to include Jordan in the plot, if Killmonger is truly dead.

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