“Black Widow”: Fans SUPPORT Scarlett Johansson in Disney Lawsuit; Check out the reactions!

Yesterday, it was reported that Scarlett Johansson had filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney in Los Angeles Superior Court after the studio decided to release “Black Widow” on its streaming service in conjunction with the first film.

Johansson says there was a breach of contract because her deal with Marvel guaranteed EXCLUSIVE theater debuts, which would give the actress a percentage of the box office on top of her salary.

On social media, fans of the star are supporting his decision against the studio.

Even some believe the release of Disney + was an attempt to boycott the star’s success.

Check out the reactions:

Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over the release of ‘Black Widow’ streaming https://t.co/gtQQ7LfOdR. She is right… the company cannot be emotional, it is true that there is a story (…) but friendship, the affair of friendship is an affair that the recognition of the company puts an end to to the process.

– norton zj (@ nortonzj1) July 30, 2021

I’m between “I want Scarlett Johansson to win the case and make millions” and “both sides of this fight are needlessly rich, I want them both to fuck each other more”

– Giovani (@Gio__Ferreira) July 30, 2021

I’m selling Scarlett Johansson shit with Disney on envy and the pages asked which side we’re on


process on Mickey himself

– Remove Priscilla (@ Prys_1504) July 30, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Disney trying to boycott the success of Black Widow since always to privilege this bunch of men, here is now Scarlett Johansson files a multi-million dollar lawsuit to stop being suckers.

– (@fernandoscarmo) July 30, 2021

Scarlett Johansson filed a complaint

– Lari Mes (@messias_lari) July 30, 2021

Scarlett johansson logo launch of the KAKAKAKAKA PQP Disney flies fi

– Brown (@brown_aeko) July 30, 2021

Damn, Disney was really screwed up with this Scarlett Johansson process. Because when the result comes out I’m sure they’ll pay more than the value of the movie itself.

– Guilheme Oliveira (@guiolivie) July 30, 2021

Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney only contrasts with the black widow’s injured career in the mcu …

– Pedro Augusto starkk (@PedroStarkk) July 30, 2021


– Mary⁷ Ꭷ #forabolsonaro (@onlyrainb) July 30, 2021

The guys and Scarlett Johansson who filed a lawsuit against Disney because “Black Widow” came out on Disney Plus the same day we theaters and it hurt the actress

KKKKKKKKKKKKK y fuck Disney pic.twitter.com/wm6o0hMnPs

– ꗟ.ꪱᥣꪜᥲ₊ 雪 (@ YuriSilvah13) July 30, 2021

Scarlett Johansson will not fail to file a complaint against Disney. Besides being very brave, isn’t it.

The contract is the contract. The streaming launch hit the box office, facilitates hacking and wastes money (around 50 million) and has even been “used” to bring in Disney + subscribers!

– Ramon Muriel (@Rmurielts) July 29, 2021

To Scarlett Johansson on Day 1 of the case against Disney:

– Allan #TimeBRA (@allanlluiz) July 29, 2021

scarlett johansson belle i make a clean rag this woman gave her all to black widow production and they still boycott her you have to put the process even to disney fighting

– | to | the lake girl (@zhiendlovr) July 29, 2021

According to Comic Book, the studio also commented on the controversy through an official statement, which reads:

“There is no merit in this process. This process is a sad and heartbreaking decision for its relentless disregard for the horrific and lingering global effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Disney has fully lived up to Ms. Johansson’s contract, and furthermore, the release of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney + with Premier Access has earned her significant additional compensation beyond the $ 20 million she received up to. here.

On the other hand, Johansson’s legal team argued that:

“Disney intentionally induced a violation of the Marvel Agreement, without justification, to prevent Ms. Johansson from receiving all of the benefits of her contract with Marvel Studios.”

This is because Johansson tried to renegotiate with Disney so that he knew the film would be streaming and in theaters simultaneously, but to no avail.

“It’s no secret that Disney is releasing films like ‘Black Widow’ direct on Disney + to increase subscriber numbers and thereby boost the company’s stock price – and that it is behind it Covid-19 as a pretext for this. ” , the attorney representing the actress, John Berlinski, told CNBC.

“But ignoring the contracts of the artists responsible for the success of their films in favor of this short-sighted strategy violates their rights and we hope to prove it in court. This certainly won’t be the last time Hollywood talent faces Disney and makes it clear that regardless of what the company claims, it has a legal obligation to honor its contracts.

And it seems that Johansson was not the only one who was unhappy with the hybrid version …

The portal also reported that reporter Matthew Belloni, former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, said he had access to the trial pages and cited a party as saying Kevin Feige was also upset with the film’s release on Disney. +.

On his news blog, Belloni wrote:

“Feige is a businessman and is not subject to corporate confrontations or controversies. But I’m told he’s angry and embarrassed by the release of “Black Widow” on Disney +. He lobbied Disney against the decision and opted for the exclusivity of the first film. When am * rd # hit the fan, the movie started to hit the box office and Johansson’s team threatened Disney with a lawsuit… which ended up happening. Feige just wants the studio to make a difference with her.

More news on the process is expected to emerge in the coming days.

In the meantime, Disney + subscribers will be able to watch “Black Widow” at no additional cost starting August 25.

Check out the main comments below:

Revision | Black Widow is an electrifying spectacle of action scenes, with very complex subjects

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