‘Black Widow’: Scarlett Johansson opens up about Taskmaster’s importance to the plot

The identity and plans of the Taskmaster remain among the MCU’s biggest secrets, and fans will remain curious until the release of “ Black Widow, ” postponed until April of next year.

However, Scarlett Johansson, the interpreter of Natasha Romanoff, shared some details about the role of the villain in the film.

In one of the pages of the book “ Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book ”, the star says that:

“When we see Natasha for the first time, the events take place after the events of ‘Captain America: Civil War’… all the sense of family and loyalty that she was missing and she was stumped. Nothing makes sense to her, so she feels vulnerable and aimless for the first time, maybe. When she meets the Taskmaster, she is not in great shape. “

She keeps:

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“At first she thinks he’s an envoy trying to capture her because of the Sokovia Accords, maybe a secret agent working with Secretary Ross (William Hurt). As soon as she begins to understand his fighting style, she realizes that she is not the target and that he has a much bigger goal. She is fascinated because she does not know if he is someone from the past or an unknown enemy, but he is of great importance.

It looks like Johansson’s statement only makes things even more confusing, and now new theories may emerge on who is under the villain mask.

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Recalling that the premiere of ‘Black Widow’ remains scheduled for April 29, 2021 in national cinemas.

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In addition to Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, the cast includes David Harbor, Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh and OT Fagbenle.

In the spy thriller “Black Widow”, Natasha Romanoff confronts the dark parts of her rationality when a dangerous conspiracy linked to her past comes to light. Pursued by a force that won’t stop until it destroys her, Natasha must deal with her spy story and the broken relationships left after becoming an Avenger.

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