‘Black Widow’: stunt coordinator gives details of new plot spies

Recently, publisher Titan Books released the book “Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book” and the material includes interviews with some of the cast and production crew.

In one of those interviews, stunt coordinator James Young gave some details about the role of black widows in the plot, idealizing them as deadly weapons that know only violence.

“Widow teams are deadly weapons. They were trained by Dreykov (Ray Winstone) in the Red Room to be murderers, and nothing more. They know only violence and are part of a plan for global control orchestrated by the KGB. Whenever something gets out of hand, Dreykov sends them out to burn files, to shut down any witnesses.

Young also discussed how Natasha Romanoof (Scarlet Johansson) will deal with new opponents in the face of her past.

“It’s very difficult for Natasha when you get to this point in the film. Facing her sisters in the Red Room leaves her in a vulnerable position as the new widows want to kill her, but she knows she can’t do the same to them.

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He continued:

“Natasha was the best agent in the program and Dreykov always went out of his way to bring her back to the team. But now there are other widows trying to fill their positions.

Apparently, Romanoff will likely put his mentor Dreykov up against the wall in a dramatic moment, while trying to prevent the infiltration of new black widows across the world.

Recalling that the premiere of ‘Black Widow’ remains scheduled for April 29, 2021 in national cinemas.

However, an alleged Disney + promo has revealed that the adaptation will be available on the platform via premium access starting April 16 in the United States.

Recalling that the studio also opted for the premium launch of “Mulan” at a value of $ 29.99, so the debut of “Black Widow” is a very concrete possibility.

Additionally, the video indicates that Disney18 + is coming, a section geared towards adults that will allow the studio to add popular titles like “Deadpool” and “Logan.”

Discover the promo, as well as the adaptation trailer:

In addition to Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, the cast includes David Harbor, Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh and OT Fagbenle.

In the spy thriller “Black Widow”, Natasha Romanoff confronts the dark parts of her rationality when a dangerous conspiracy linked to her past comes to light. Pursued by a force that won’t stop until it destroys her, Natasha must deal with her spy story and the broken relationships left after becoming an Avenger.

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