“Blood Red Sky”: Netflix Movie Vampire Gains Subscribers; Check out the reactions!

Netflix’s new vampire horror, titled “Blood Red Sky,” entered the platform’s catalog yesterday and is gaining subscribers.

Directed by Peter Thorwarth, the film revolves around a woman with a mysterious illness who is forced to act when a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a plane. To protect her child, she will have to reveal a big secret and unleash the monster she has always had trouble hiding.

On social media, the film received a lot of praise for coming out as a pleasant surprise and for renewing audiences’ interest in vampire films.

Additionally, Netflix subscribers were also amazed by the gore and trashy scenes, the twists and turns, and the excellent acting of the actors.

Some even said it was their movie of the year, while others are already asking for a sequel!

Check out the reactions:

A mix of Serpents on board with A Drink in Hell, Blood-Red Sky turns you on as you take on the trash without guilt. A film full of holes and flaws in the finish which, despite everything, is supported by its inventive postulate and its conviction in the approach of vampirism. pic.twitter.com/DMo7aqavob

– Thiago Barata (@ thiagobarata87) July 24, 2021

Just saw the new Netflix Sky Red Blood movie, it’s been YEARS since I’ve seen a vampire horror movie. Nobody does it anymore, it looks like it’s old fashioned, I love it !!!!!!! And this one didn’t disappoint me, it was better than I imagined, WHAT FUCKING MOVIE I want more

– Maria (@chiclettinha) July 24, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Blood Red Sky is the movie of the year and only my opinion matters

– jú (@ Jul1anaC) July 24, 2021

moreover, the play of the actors in the blood-red sky is too real. I got so nervous, tense and even anxious (almost haven’t finished seeing) from the stressful scenes and the dead / almost dead because

hour, they cut off the guy’s hand so he couldn’t turn the man—

– brilliant ៹ 🥇 (@mafah__) July 23, 2021

blood red sky
Super indicate!
I vibrated, I twisted, I suffered, I rebelled
Cry. What a great movie!

– Dani Gomes (@Liisabool) July 24, 2021

red blood from the sky is a fucking movie i adored, loved, loved

—Aralin (@yaylars) July 24, 2021

Blood Red Sky People on Netflix what a great movie

– neguindimalik (@_mnaul) July 23, 2021

What movie was Blood-Red Heaven !!!!!

– Felipe Trigo 📚 is adrift (@literatrigo) July 24, 2021

I watch the movie Blood Red Sky. Blz I thought it was a typical hijack movie until there was a turnover MY GOD WHAT CRAZY

– Gabi (@gabidanzer) July 23, 2021

I had just seen the blood red sky from Netflix Brasil and kept screaming the mulek was finally stupid. Poor child. Kkkkkk, but the end was satisfying. Yes I can’t miss seeing a movie with vampires …

– мi ท. L 📺 The Devil’s Judge 📖Adsom¹ (@CurvinhaSunset) July 24, 2021

Blood red sky!
I love these movies that I don’t care about and in the end I appreciate every second of opportunity I watch.

– Muggle on the rise📜🔺 (@NataliaSerrah) July 24, 2021

Blood red sky is so good, please do 2

– I’m Batman🏳️‍🌈💉 (@A_Pan_de_SP) July 23, 2021

Blood red sky movie, very good, highly recommend it, really liked pic.twitter.com/FnFYuZwccu

– leo (@ComentaLeo_) July 24, 2021

n like a vampire movie but the blood red sky is mt mass

– redhead (@_hawyni) July 24, 2021

girl i just looked at the red sky – blood, a never ending journey, look

– bibiana 🇪🇪🇧🇷 (@angoneseb) July 24, 2021

Thorwarth is also writing the screenplay alongside Stefan Holtz.

Peri Baumeister plays the main role in the production. Kais Setti, Alexander Scheer, Dominic Purcell and Roland Møller complete the cast.

Make sure you watch:

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