“Bones & All”: the cannibalistic thriller from the director of “Suspiria” wins the 1st official image; Check!

Deadline has released the first official image of the thriller ‘Bones & All’, a new feature film from filmmaker Luca Guadagnino (‘Suspiria’ and ‘Call Me by Your Name’).


A young cannibalistic couple, who survive on the fringes of society, meet and unite on a thousand-mile journey that takes them through the back roads, secret passages and traps of Ronald Reagan’s America. No matter how hard you try, all roads lead to your terrifying past and a final position that will determine whether your love can outlive your otherness.

Timothée Chalamet (‘Dune’) and Taylor Russell (‘Escape Room’) are the stars of the production.

Written by David Kajganich, the screenplay is based on the eponymous book written by Camille DeAngelis.

The cast also includes Mark Rylance, André Holland, Jessica Harper, Michael Stuhlbarg, David Gordon-Green, Francesca Scorsese and Chloë Sevigny.

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