Borat 2: Sacha Baron Cohen wants Maria Bakalova to be nominated for a 2021 Oscar

The sequel ‘Borat: Next Cinema Tape’ debuted on Amazon Prime and quickly became the center of attention due to its pin pricks to President Donald Trump and the lifestyle of Americans.

Besides Sacha Baron Cohen’s cynical charisma, audiences praised Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, who made her American film debut after competing for the role of Tutar Sagdiyev with more than 600 actresses.

In the plot, Tutar is Borat’s teenage daughter.

In fact, Cohen campaigned for Bakalova to be nominated for a 2021 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress because of her performance.

During an interview with Indie Wire, the star said it would be a joke if the rookie didn’t remember among the nominees.

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“She’s an incredible actress. We interviewed over 600 young people from all over the world for the role and she is hilarious, made us laugh a lot and won us over right away. She’s one of the bravest actresses in history, that’s no exaggeration. If she’s not nominated for an Oscar, it’s a scam, a joke. “

He added:

“She’s hilarious and has the ability to make you cry or smile, which is why we chose her. When we did the breakup scene in the movie, I had to stop because I was so moved. She is unique. Imagine coming to America for the first time and playing a role with real people in terrifying situations. She overcame it all. She is a revelation.

Fortunately, Bakalova may be eligible for an Oscar, even though “ Borat 2 ” has been released direct for streaming.

Recalling that the Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences announced shortly after the start of the coronavirus pandemic that it would ignore its eligibility policy which requires titles to remain in the cinema for a certain time.

Indeed, the current scenario in the world has caused closures in several cinema networks.

So, have you seen the movie?

On Rotten Tomatoes, the streak has won 83% approval with a score of 7.08 / 10 based on 101 reviews so far. According to the general consensus, “[o filme] proves that Sacha Baron Cohen’s comic creation remains a sharp weapon to expose the most problematic and disgusting corners of American culture ”.

Check out the reviews:

“Not everyone will like this movie. But a case can be opened for its rudeness and excess as a reflection of what we are going through now ”- San Francisco Chronicle.

“A Delicious and Unstable Comedy” – RogerEbert.com.

“Cohen remains amazing on paper [titular], with a very great ability to bring out the worst in people ”- Blu-ray.com.

“[O filme] it seems very scripted, fragmented and unable to compete with the real characters of today ”- Nestor Cine Since Hollywood.

“The best moments in the footage are when it turns from a mock documentary into a documentary” – Slate.

Released in 2006, “Borat” was directed by Larry Charles and went on to become a huge critical and public success, gaining 91% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

With a budget of US $ 18 million, the film has raised US $ 262.6 million worldwide.

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