Borders | Discover the game that will become SUPERPRODUCTION with Cate Blanchett at the cinema

The title is highly revered in the video game world

It’s nothing new that Hollywood has turned to the video game industry, it’s an older phenomenon than previously thought. However, it is from the last few years that the attempts to adapt more and more game titles, from a point of view more faithful to the original material and with much larger budgets, have become more recurrent. In this set we have had in recent years the adaptations of Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat and the future Resident Evil.

Running, with a certain scarcity of news (but the few available being very encouraging) is the project of a film linked to the Borderlands saga. Recently, a photo of the silhouette of the character of Lilith, played by Cate Blanchett, was released, which has rekindled public interest in the project. In addition to the award-winning actress, the cast also includes Jamie Lee Curtis and Jack Black, as well as Eli Roth (The Hostel) in the direction, and Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) in the screenplay.

With these names alone, the project already gains a dimension of interest totally different from many other more “humble” adaptations of other games. No wonder the roster involved in Borderlands is comparable to the high level of professionals involved in the adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, proving that it is a genre that is gradually evolving in terms of professional importance to those involved and financially attractive to investors.

Lilith, character of Cate Blanchet, belongs to the mermaid class and is a fan favorite even though she has little stamina

In short, Borderlands is a franchise that currently has four games first released in 2009. It belongs to the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre, with some RPG elements and an intense focus on cooperative games, thus following the trend led by other FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. However, the big difference between this franchise and the others, besides being a big factor in bringing together a legion of loyal fans, is the strong humorous tone present in the plot and gameplay.

This comedic condition, for example, encourages players to try out combinations of different items to produce an even greater number of weapons; These are the possibilities that Guinness has given to the first title in the series a record of versatility in the creation of objects, since the player has at his disposal more than 17 million possibilities in the field of weapon manufacturing.

The story of Borderlands follows a very strong line of science fiction without letting go of humor. At some point in the future, humanity colonized a planet known as Pandora, whose greatest attraction was its natural wealth of precious minerals. This discovery sparked the interest of several companies and mercenary groups who wanted to have some sort of gain in what was found. However, maintaining control of Pandora turned out to be a Herculean task, as the planet’s wildlife posed a high danger to the settlers.

Planet Pandora has extreme climates, in addition to monsters, which are great obstacles for players

Upon their arrival, these companies and groups abandoned Pandora, leaving behind a considerable contingent of workers or criminals condemned to work in the mines of the planet who had to form their own makeshift society. The problem stems from the discovery of artifacts left by an alien race in Pandora, which he revealed to the so-called Eridian Vaults (sources of untold riches).

Armed with the greed that surrounds the Eridian Vaults, these companies are returning in force to Pandora where they find themselves on a collision course with the groups that have remained there and with various types of monsters that protect the locations of the Eridian Vaults. While the overall Borderlands storyline looks a lot like Avatar (the James Cameron movie), there is one crucial difference between the two products: styling.

While the James Cameron film aimed to advance CGI and 3D technology in the cinema, Gearbox Software’s game franchise has always relied much more on the aesthetic personality and the absurdities of the characters in the situations during the games than on a plot line. innovative. For example, it is also possible to draw similarities with another gaming saga: Gears of War, mainly through the dialogue between science fiction and the search for natural resources on other planets.

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It’s not yet known whether Eli Roth will manage to bring all the irreverence that made Borderlands one of the most-played titles in multiplayer to the big screen, but the director has already shown in previous works that he knows. handle the very violent. themes (as in O Albergue and in Cannibals). The presence of comedy names such as Jack Black and Kevin Hart, in turn, may indicate that the project will not rule out the irreverent tone of the source material.

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