Box office failure with Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis wows Netflix audiences

The biggest business failure of star Chris Hemsworth’s career has finally found its audience.

‘Hacker’ (Blackhat), the cyber-thriller from director Michael Mann (‘Public Enemies’, ‘Collateral’), became one of the most viewed movies on Netflix this month.

Underestimated in theaters, the film appeals to streaming subscribers.

Several people went to defend the production on social networks. Check:

Hacker (blackhat in the original), who featured on netflix. There are viola davis, chris thor and a few other Chinese actors.

The story continues in a hateful way … but now that we see the end … haha

– TonBueno (@abdton) April 18, 2021

My I’m watching a new movie that launched on Netflix, Hacker name and brother, the girl romantically dating Chris Hemsworth has several times that she looks a lot like Jisso from the folks at Blackpink I’m amazing

– Eve⁷ (@everybangg) April 15, 2021

I went to watch this Netflix “Hacker” movie after reading the reviews and I was already scared. But it wasn’t even one of the worst. The action scenes were ok. The story is a bit crazy! Positive point: performance of Viola Davis and Chris Hemsworth

– Jessica Duarte (@Jejeduaarte) April 13, 2021

I’m done watching Hacker on Netflix.
How did a movie starring Viola Davis and Chris Hemsworth fail at the box office?
Moreover, this is not a bad movie, quite the contrary.
Bad disclosure? I didn’t even know this movie until now

– Poliana (@polly_camposs) April 12, 2021

It’s curious how Netflix is ​​at the same time able to secretly release some of its original productions and turn movies that were completely ignored years ago into hits. This is the most recent case of Hacker (2015), the Michael Mann film starring Chris Hemsworth.

– Lucas Salgado (@lucas_salgado) April 11, 2021

When the film hit theaters in 2015, it raised a paltry $ 4 million and became the 13th worst opening in history for a film that opened in more than 2,500 theaters in the United States.

The budget was $ 70 million.

Enjoy watching:

In the plot, Chris Hemsworth plays a hacker arrested for committing cybercrimes but removed from prison to track down the man who stole his code and invaded the internal system of a major American bank, causing a series of dramatic events on the international stock market.

Check out the 15 worst openings in movie history (for films that premiered in more than 2,500 theaters, according to Box Office Mojo).

Title Title (click to view) Studio Opening Movie Theaters Total Box Office 1 The Struggle for an Ideal (Will Not Back Down) Fox US $ 2,603,370 2,515 US $ 310,554 2 The Rocker Fox US $ 2,636,048 6 US $ 409,528 3 Welcome to the Game (Lucky You) WB US $ 2,710,445 2,525 US $ 5,758,950 4 Hoot NL US $ 3,368,197 3018 US $ 8,117,637 5 They say there (rumor has it) WB US $ 3,473,155 2,815 43,000 262 US $ 6 Super Dad (Joe Somebody) Fox US $ 3,553,725 2506 US $ 22,771,646 7 The Six Signs of Light (The Seeker) Fox US $ 3,745,315 3,141 US $ 8,794,452 8 The Legend of Oz (Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return) CE US $ 3,747,780 2,658 US $ 8,462,027 9 Machete Mata ORF US $ 3,837,183 2,538 8,008,161 10 Firehouse Dog Fox 3,838,916 USD 2,860 13,932,383 11 Vampire Academy: Kiss of Shadows Wein. US $ 3,921,742 US $ 2,676,7791,979 12 Raise Your Voice NL US $ 4,022,693 US $ 2,521 10,411,980 13 Hacker (Blackhat) Uni. US $ 4,030,000 2,567 US $ 4,030,000 14 Run the Back (MacGruber) Uni agent. US $ 4,043,495 2,551 US $ 8,525,600 15 Little Problem, Mega Confusion (Funny Size) Par. $ 4,101,017 $ 3,014 9,409,538

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