Brazilian ‘Wonder Woman’ to win TV series

According to Deadline, The CW is developing a live-action series of the new “ Wonder Girl, ” Brazilian character Yara Flor, recently created by comic book writer Joëlle Jones.

For those who do not know her, she is described as a young Latin woman with big dreams, the daughter of an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian river god. Discovering her powers, she decides to fight to end the evil that tries to control the world.

The project will be produced by Greg Berlanti, responsible for several series inspired by DC Comics comics, such as “Supergirl”, “Legends of Tomorrow”, “Black Lightning” and “Patrol of Destiny”.

The script for the pilot episode will be written by Dailyn Rodriguez (“Queen of the South”), and the purpose of the attraction is to include Flor as part of the CWverse.

As of yet, more details have not been revealed, so there is no information on the cast, possible directors, and no preview of the premiere.

Until then, it’s worth remembering that Yara Flor will also be part of the comic book series titled ‘Future State: Wonder Woman’, scheduled for January 2021.

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