“Café com Aroma de Mulher”: the remake of the Colombian soap opera debuts on Netflix

The series “Café com Aroma de Mulher”, a remake of the classic 1994 soap opera, broadcast by SBT, is now available on Netflix. The new version debuted this Wednesday (29) in the calendar.

The plot follows the love story between rural worker Gaviota and Sebastián, an heir to the coffee aristocracy.

Adriana Suarez signs the creation of the remake.

Check out the trailer:

Laura Londoño, Mabel Moreno, Diego Cadavid, Lincoln Palomeque and William Levy star in the new version.

The original novel, created by Fernando Gaitán, had 169 chapters. Broadcast and adapted in several countries, it is considered one of the most popular soap operas on Colombian television, having won 7 TVyNovelas awards, including that of the best soap opera.

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