“Captain America” ​​reportedly faced off against giant robot in first film

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have revealed that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) originally allegedly faced off against a giant robot at the end of “Captain America: The First Avenger”.

“There was a huge HYDRA robot [no roteiro original], and much of the third act would be Captain America fighting this giant robot. We believe the idea was dropped for budgetary reasons. We couldn’t spend that much.

The writers also revealed what the robot’s name would be: Panzermax.

Remember that ‘Captain America 4’ has already been confirmed!

Recent rumors indicate that one of the villains in the sequel could be Sin, the daughter of none other than the infamous Red Skull.

According to reports (via Cosmic Book News), the initial plan was to bring in Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) as the antagonist. However, due to negative reception regarding the character arc in “Hawk and the Winter Soldier,” Sinthe Schmidt / Sin will now be the villain.

For those in the know, Sin first appeared in Captain America # 290, released in February 1984 and created by JM DeMatteis and Paul Neary. Daughter of the Red Skull, who wanted an heir to rule her kingdom, she was nearly killed by her own father, but ended up being spared and raised by Susan Scarbo / Mother Night.

As a child, Sin was placed in a machine that aged her to adulthood and granted her superhuman powers. Soon after, she became Mother Superior and leader of the group known as the Sisters of Sin, made up of young orphans who had gone through the same aging process as her and who had acquired psionic powers.

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Apparently Marvel already has a script ready for the next movie in the franchise and is currently being rewritten. However, since nothing has been officially confirmed, consider this a rumor.

There are also rumors that the company is looking for a young woman with a “type Kate Mara” for the role of Sin. In the film’s supposed plot, Sin would reassess the legacy of his father, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as the new Captain America.

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