‘Carlinhos e Carlão’: Promotional Video Introduces Characters From Amazon’s New Comedy

Amazon Prime Vídeo has released a new promotional video for “ Carlinhos e Carlão, ” which will debut exclusively for streaming on November 12.

The featurette introduces the main characters of the comedy, which stars Luis Lobianco.


Carlão (Luis Lobianco) works at a dealership, thinks he knows all about mechanics and football, and is always at the bar with friends, amid chauvinistic discussions and homophobic jokes. The purchase of a piece of furniture, sold by Evaristo (Luis Miranda), changes his routine and transforms him. From there, two characters appear: the day, the macho Carlão, the night, Carlinhos, sympathetic, talented and fun.

Under the direction of Pedro Amorim and Thiago Rodrigues, Suzy Brasil, Marcelo Flores, Pedro Monteiro and Thati Lopes are part of the cast.

Make sure you watch:


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