“Carmen Sandiego” faces new dangers in the official trailer for seasons 4 and LAST; Check out!

Netflix recently released the official trailer for the 4th and LAST season of ‘Carmen Sandiego,’ which debuts on the platform on January 15th.


Carmen Sandiego is a sort of modern-day Robin Hood: former member of the VILE Academy, she now travels the world to recover everything that this criminal organization has stolen and returned to the victims. Hidden in her red coat, Carmen lives the most dangerous adventures and always needs to escape the authorities, who consider her an international thief. To carry out her missions, she has the help of the hacker Player and his best friends Zack and Ivy.

The story is inspired by the most famous thief in video game stories.

Enjoy watching:

Gina Rodriguez, Finn Wolfhard, Michael Hawley, Paul Nakauchi, Dawnn Lewis, and more are part of the voiceover cast.

Make sure to watch:


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