Check out the Netflix premieres this week

The month of April is already in its second half and this week has unseen previews for Netflix subscribers.

And among the main releases is the long-awaited sci-fi thriller, “Passenger Accidental”, directed by Brazilian Joe Penna.

In addition, moviegoers will be able to attend the premiere of “Shadow and Bone,” the streaming giant’s new original series, starring Ben Barnes (“Westworld”).

And so you don’t miss out on anything new, we’ve separated the full week’s release schedule!

In search of evil
In search of a missing teenager, the small town detective discovers that an evil presence is disturbing his family. With Helen Hunt.

Life in Color with David Attenborough
Using revolutionary technologies, this documentary series explores nature from a new perspective, showing how animals use colors to survive.

Accidental passenger
While on a mission to Mars, a stowaway accidentally inflicts severe damage to the ship’s life support systems. With few resources and life-threatening prospects, the crew are forced to make an impossible decision.

Enjoy watching:

Shadow and bone
In a world destroyed by war, orphan Alina Starkov discovers that she possesses extraordinary powers and becomes the target of dark forces.

Tell me when
Will works hard, but decides to leave the monotony of life in Los Angeles to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish: to visit Mexico City’s main sights and fall in love.

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