“Cherry”: directors share footage from virtual debuts; Check!

‘Cherry,’ the new movie starring Tom Holland (Spider-Man) has already hit North American theaters, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo (‘Avengers: Endgame’) celebrated the virtual debut.

On their Instagram profile, the filmmakers shared a few collected images with family and friends who were keen to save the moment.

Despite humble beginnings and without the glamor of the red carpet, the brothers were very pleased with the enthusiasm of the audience.

The caption of the post says:

“The firsts are a little different now, but that didn’t stop us from sharing a special experience with our loved ones. From coast to coast, we were able to celebrate with the Russo family and our friends, some of whom have supported us since the beginning of our careers. Much love to all! #Cherry. “


Sadly, ‘Cherry’ received a lot of negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, garnering just 38% approval.

Enjoy watching:

Among the 95 opinions published on the site, only 35 are positive.

Recalling that the feature will be released on March 12 in the Apple TV + catalog.

Check out the trailer:

The plot follows a former army doctor (Holland) who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder upon his return from Iraq. Trying to cope with the illness, he begins to rob banks to support his drug addiction.

With a screenplay signed by Jessica Goldberg, the project is based on the eponymous novel written by Nico Walker.

Besides Holland and Ciara Bravo, the cast includes Bill Skarsgard, Forrest Goodluck, Jeffrey Wahlberg, Michael Gandolfini and Kyle Harvey.

Make sure to watch:


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