‘Chez Mira do Perigo’: Liam Neeson reveals he will be retiring … again!

While promoting “The Marksman,” Liam Neeson (“The Widows”, “Unrelenting Search”) once again revealed that he was going to retire.

The actor had already said he would be retiring a few years ago, but now he has said it was for real.

In an interview with ET, the actor said he was ending his career as an action star.

“I’m going to retire. I am 68 and a half years old. There are a few more that I’m going to do this year – I hope Covid allows us to – there are a few on the horizon and I think that will probably be it, ”said Neeson.

His next film will be “Na Mira do Perigo”, which Paris Filmes will hit theaters this year.

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The film is directed by Robert Lorenz from a screenplay co-signed alongside Chris Charles and Danny Kravitz.

Picky Arizona breeder Jim Hanson (Nesson) just wants to be alone, as he dodges eviction notes and tries to build his life in a remote border area. But everything changes when Hanson, a former Marine Marine, sees an eleven-year-old immigrant Miguel (Jacob Perez) flee with his mother a murder cartel led by the impetuous Mauricio (Juan Pablo Raba). After being caught in a shooting, the mother begs Jim to take her son to safety with the family in Chicago. Defying his daughter, Sarah (Katheryn Winnick), Jim leads Miguel away from the United States Patrol and together they hit the road, fleeing from a group of assassins.

Jim and Miguel slowly let go of their differences and sides and build an unprecedented friendship, while Mauricio and his cruel companions chase each other. When they finally arrive on a farm in the Midwest, a struggle for survival leads Jim to use his tech skills and code of honor to defend the boy he has fallen in love with.

Teresa Ruiz, Dylan Kenin and Luce Rains complete the cast.

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