Christopher Nolan is no longer expected to direct films for Warner Bros. after studio decision

Christopher Nolan began his partnership with Warner Bros. still in 2002 with the psychological thriller “Insomnia” – but it was not until the “Dark Knight” trilogy for the collaboration to be an unparalleled success.

Either way, it looks like the deal between the two sides may end due to logistical differences. Nolan criticized Warner’s attitude of launching all of his films simultaneously on the HBO Max streaming platform and in theaters – a decision made due to the extremely low film flow of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to information from the Wall Street Journal, “After spending years as a senior director of Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan, who wrote and directed ‘TENET’ last year, is not expected to resume his partnership with the studio for its next project, partly because you are disappointed with the hybrid distribution strategy for 2021 ″.

It’s worth remembering that ‘TENET’ became a box office failure when it launched amid the pandemic, raising just US $ 362.9 million globally – not even reaching the required amount of US $ 400 million to cover all costs. This was one of the reasons Warner executives were rethinking the launch schedule for their blockbusters.

Nolan commented a few weeks ago that he would return to the “ Batman ” superhero universe for his next cinematic foray, but details about the project have not been revealed.

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