Christopher Plummer’s 10 most iconic movie roles

To this day (05), legendary Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer has passed away at 91. Although the cause of death has not been revealed, Plummer’s disappearance leaves a very sad mood among moviegoers and in Hollywood, mainly because he has played so many iconic roles over a seven-decade career.

To celebrate its gigantic legacy, CinePOP has prepared a simple article with its ten best performances. For this, we do not classify the films in which you have participated, but place them in chronological order.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:

In the timeless classic “The Rebel Novice”, Plummer played Captain Von Trapp, a widowed father of seven. Set in WWII, Von Trapp flees with the family from an Austria on the verge of Nazi occupation and, in addition, led the actor to play guitar and sing to bring the story to life. one of the most famous characters of all time. It’s no surprise that he, alongside Julie Andrews as ruler Maria, is being applauded for spectacular surrenders.

Directed by John Huston, the film is an adaptation of the well-known eponymous novel signed by Rudyard Kipling (the same name behind “Mogli – O Menino Lobo”). In the feature film, Plummer plays none other than Kipling himself, who is approached by characters from a metalinguistic story and who dares to escape the conventional parameters of cinema.

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Acting alongside names like Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kathe Bates, Plummer played a humble country sleuth in the adaptation of one of Stephen King’s great works. In the plot, your character is convinced that protagonist Dolores Claiborne not only killed her abusive husband years ago, but also that she murdered her current boss in cold blood.

“The Informant” became one of Plummer’s trademarks in film and, to this day, is considered one of the actor’s best performances. Here, he brings to life a very different version of 60 Minutes host Mike Wallace, capturing journalistic strength and the audacity to face the cameras day in and day out.


“Syriana – The Oil Industry” might not be one of the best-known titles of the century, but it deserves a spot on our list primarily for Plummer’s impeccable performance. In the geopolitical thriller produced by George Clooney, the actor plays Dean Whiting, a partner at the law firm Whiting Sloan, who plays a central role in appeasing the spirits of the complex conflicts in the oil industry.


Who does not know the moving story of “Up – Altas Aventuras”? Undeniably one of the best feature films produced by Pixar, the animation revolves around Carl Fredericksen in his decision to travel to the distant Paraíso das Cachoeiras to honor the memory of his late wife. Accompanied by a young Boy Scout, the couple quickly encountered a dangerous villain named Charles F. Muntz (and voiced by Plummer).


It has now become fairly clear that Plummer has a strong appreciation for playing real people on movie screens – and it wouldn’t be any different with “The Last Season”. In the feature film directed by Michael Hoffman, he brings legendary novelist Leo Tolstoy to life and his daily struggle to balance fame and fortune with commitment to family. At 80, the film won the first Oscar nomination for the actor.

Making history by becoming the oldest actor to win an Oscar statuette, Plummer created magic with the romantic drama “All Forms of Love”. Here, he plays Hal, Oliver’s sick father (Ewan McGregor), transforming the character into a charismatic and engaging character who turns out to be gay after the death of his wife (with whom he has remained for over four decades). Her performance also earned her a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Men Who Disliked Women (2011)

The acclaimed and impressive feature film “The Men Who Disliked Women”, directed by David Fincher, brought Plummer into one of his densest roles. The actor played Henrik Vanger in the psychological thriller, a businessman who funds an in-depth investigation into his own family’s affairs. Plummer has commented in several interviews that he loves the character and sympathizes with him for his determination.

One of his last roles in the film industry is also one of the most complex – and the very story of how Plummer did it would make a great movie. After all, he replaced Kevin Spacey as JP Getty after allegations of sexual abuse. Running for six weeks of racing, the actor has proven that even under pressure, he can deliver an unstoppable, passionate and dynamic performance. For his performance, he received his third Oscar and Golden Globe nomination.

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