Cinemas are coming back to close their doors in São Paulo

São Paulo Governor João Doria (PSDB) extended restrictive measures against the coronavirus statewide this Saturday (6) and is expected to remain so until March 19.

The entire state has entered the red phase.

Cultural activities were only allowed by the government after the yellow phase and cinemas were forced to temporarily close their doors once again.

In addition to cinemas, theaters, museums and libraries, they will be forced to close their doors.

“We are, in São Paulo and Brazil, on the verge of collapse. The situation calls for collective and urgent measures. For this reason, we are complying with the recommendation of the Contingency Center and reclassifying the entire state of SP in the red phase from 12:00 on Saturday, ”said Doria.

Recalling that the state of São Paulo has already reached more than 10.7 million cases of coronavirus, which has killed at least 259 thousand.

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