Cinemas will have a limited operation in the state of São Paulo from this week

According to CNN, São Paulo governor João Doria will expand restrictive measures against the coronavirus statewide from today (30).

As a result, the plan to open up the economy will return to the yellow stage, which limits the operation of cinemas, restaurants, gymnasiums, museums and establishments with closed environments.

As activities have been closed since March, some cinemas in São Paulo did not resume their activities until the end of September.

While the spaces will continue to function, capacity will be reduced and restrictions may increase as the number of cases of infection increases in the condition.

During the green phase of the opening plan, the establishments mentioned may remain open for 12 hours, in the yellow phase the period will be reduced to 10 a.m.

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If space administrators do not obey the rules, they will be forced to stop their full-time activities until contagions return to the curve.

Previously, the contingency center for Covid-19 was planning to return to the yellow phase only in the most critical regions, such as ABC Paulista, Baixada Santista and Sorocaba.

However, the measure was applied statewide to prevent the increase in cases.

Consult the calendar of cultural activities:

• Maximum occupancy limited to 40% of the site’s capacity.
• Obligation to control access, appointments and seats provided.
• Sale of tickets for cultural events at physical counters, provided health and distance protocols are respected.
• Seats and rows respecting the minimum distance.
• Prohibition of activities with a permanent audience.
• Adoption of general and sector-specific protocols

Recalling that the state of São Paulo has already reached more than 1.2 million cases of Coronavirus, which have killed at least 42,048 deaths.

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