‘Combat Control’: Jake Gyllenhaal to pilot Air Force in ‘Rescue’ director biopic

According to Deadline, Jake Gyllenhaal will star in a war biopic directed by Sam Hargrave, director of “Rescue”.

Entitled ‘Combat Control’, the film will be written by Michael Russell Gunn and based on the book ‘Alone at Dawn’, by duo Dan Schilling and Lori Chapman Longfritz.

The plot tells the story of US Air Force pilot John Chapman, killed in action in March 2002 while on a mission in Afghanistan.

However, the circumstances of his death were not explained until more than 10 years after the event.

It was not until 2017 that Air Force Captain Cora Alexander launched a task force to determine whether Chapman deserved a Medal of Honor for his actions for the government during all of his considered operations. as clandestine.

In August 2018, the US government decided to honor Chapman’s memory with a posthumous medal, in addition to immortalizing his story, until then classified confidential.

As of yet, further details have not been released, so there is no information on the other names in the cast and no preview of the premiere.

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