Come see what’s new from Disney / Pixar announced during Investor Day!

While we thought the year was already coming to an end, Disney surprised the market with an event full of commercials for years to come not only on its Disney + streaming platform, but for its associated channels as well. To sum up the more than four hours of the event, here are the main announcements made by Disney / Pixar on Thursday night:

‘Dug Days’

The charismatic puppy Dug, from the movie ‘Up – Altas Aventuras’ is back in a Pixar animated series, in which he must survive new adventures in his backyard with Carl Fredricks, which includes new puppies and many discoveries. The animated series is set to debut on Disney + in fall 2021 in the United States.

‘Light year’

The unexpected announcement of a totally Buzz Lightyear-centric series surprised even the most “Toy Story” fanatic. The plot will tell the life of the space patroller before meeting Woody and his troop. The animated series, with a more adult sci-fi imprint, will feature Chris Evans (replacing Tim Allen) in its original version, with a premiere slated for summer 2022.

Pixar animation shorts

Pixar has had a knack for moving us for over 30 years, and today announced that it has already lined up several animated shorts with our favorite characters, such as the protagonist of ‘Soul’ (which debuts on Disney + on the 25th December) or ‘Burrow’, which will come before the exhibition of ‘Soul’ on the platform and tells the story of a bunny who wants to reform his den. The shorts will start to be available from January 2021.


If you thought the “Cars” franchise was already sold out, you better rethink. Here’s an animated series from Lightning McQueen, set to debut in 2022.

‘Win or lose’

Another big commercial for Pixar was its first full-length animated series, titled “ Win or Loose, ” on a kids’ softball team, which was slated to debut in the fall of 2023.


The animated feature ‘Luca’ wasn’t exactly new, but Pixar’s 24th production – directed by Enrico Casarosa and based on his memories of his home country (Italy) – was released on June 18. 2021.

“Red turn”

We’re used to seeing animated shorts before Pixar movies, so the company has announced the short film that will come before “Luca”: “Turning Red”. The story will take a look at the universe of a 13 year old pre-teen who is a super fan of a boy band and who gets very, very angry and turns into a giant red panda.

‘Raya and the last dragon’

The long-awaited new animated feature from Disney was released on March 5, 2021. The surprise was with the announcement that the film will be released simultaneously in theaters around the world and also on the Disney + platform.


The lovely Disney animation centered around a young Colombian boy who lives in a completely enchanted house also got a premiere date: Fall 2021 in the United States. The feature film was announced as musical entertainment, with the contribution of sweetheart Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Even “Zootopia” is new! Disney / Pixar will be producing a series centered around the three most charismatic characters from its long-running Oscar winner: the bunny Judy Hopps, the fox Nick Wilde and the Flash sloth.


It wasn’t even planned by the Film Academy! Disney has announced a sequel to the hit “Enchanted” (2007) starring Amy Adams back as Princess Giselle. Has Oscar come now?


The world’s most beloved robot nursing will win its own animated series, in which viewers will be invited to dive deeper into the extremely modern city and its automated facilities.

Other announcements include a new version for ‘Three Spinsters and a Baby’ (with Zac Efron) and ‘We Are the Champions’ (with Lauren Graham), the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ adventure, ‘Jungle Cruise’ (with The Rock and Emily Blunt), and a new animated musical series focused on the protagonists Moana and Tiana, from “The Princess and the Frog”.

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