“Constantine 2”: Keanu Reeves appears with a more faithful-to-comic book look in surprising fan art; Check out!

Recently, ‘Constantine’ fans were surprised when actor Peter Stormare, who played Lucifer in the 2005 film, revealed on his Instagram that the “sequel is already in development”.

Thinking about it, one artist posted on his social media page some gorgeous fan art showing Keanu Reeves blonde, with a look much more faithful to the comics that gave rise to the film.

Additionally, the character wears his classic brown overcoat, something that was left out in the adaptation and ended up bothering some fans.


According to The Direct, director and producer JJ Abrams is working on the new film, which is expected to be made available direct on HBO Max.

The site claims Warner Bros. is in talks with Keanu Reeves to return to the role, fifteen years after the first film.

It has been said that the studio is planning four adaptations involving the character, including a solo film and a participation in LJS.

Everyone involved in the project is expected to return in “Constantine 2”, and producer Akiva Goldsman revealed details of the plot in a recent interview.

“We want to create a suite for people over 17 [Rated-R]. In my opinion, Constantine wakes up in a cell and he is next to a prisoner. It’s controversial. The roadmap for [Frank Cabello] put Jesus as the protagonist’s cellmate. He came back and is in New York. Yes, the footage would show it, ”he said.

“We talked more about sequences than in the studio… It wasn’t an absolute success or critically acclaimed at the time. Religion is a polarizing element of the story. I remember participating in a question and answer session, and someone, I can’t remember what religion, was so confused by the idea of ​​heaven and hell. Because, in his worldview, there was neither heaven nor hell. So, how properly should he enter this world, right? And that was one of the big conclusions. The point of the story was simply to put people aside. “, He said.

Director Francis Lawrence has opened up about his plans for the sequel and revealed he spoke to Reeves and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.

“Me, Keanu [Reeves] and Akiva [Goldsman] we are talking about “Constantine 2 ′,” he said.

He keeps on:

“I think we want a streak. The first film was quite successful. We wanted to make a responsible and adult film. We want to create a sequence that doesn’t cost as much as the original, which we think would be low in age. We have been developing the sequence for a while. It was difficult to choose which direction to go. What I really liked about the first movie is that it’s a personal story, so I thought it would be wrong to focus on the supernatural aspect. The idea of ​​a personal story was very interesting, but difficult to develop.

Check out the confirmation of the footage posted by actor Peter Stormare:

“Constantine” made $ 230.9 million on its debut after receiving negative reviews from critics.

With the real possibility of star Keanu Reeves returning to the role of Constantine in a new Warner movie, acclaimed artist BossLogic has developed some beautiful concept art that reinvents the popular actor in his character.

The art brings references to Reeves’ look in the first film, also merging several references from the comic book.


Reeves starred in the supernatural drama “Constantine” in 2005, alongside Rachel Weisz and Tilda Swinton. The film, directed by Francis Lawrence, grossed more than $ 230 million at the global box office, but received a mixed reception from expert critics.

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