CONTROVERSIAL! Bryan Singer’s ex-assistant reveals he went through hell during relationship with director

Known for directing “Superman Returns”, “X-Men” and “Jack the Giant Huntsman”, director Bryan Singer was the target of numerous allegations of child sexual abuse between 2013 and 2017.

The allegations point to the filmmaker mistreating two victims between 2003 and 2004, but they were quashed after signing a settlement and paying those involved $ 150,000.

However, another controversy arose …

In a lengthy story published by Variety, former assistant director Blake Stuerman revealed the traumatic years he spent with him.

Now 30, Stuerman says he met Singer in 2009 in New York City when he was 18 and started sex with him soon after.

Stuerman and singer in 2009

At the time, Singer was 43 and had been abusive and traumatic since their relationship began, but Stuerman feared retaliation when he walked away from him.

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The filmmaker even attacked a person in front of Stuerman out of jealousy, which made the young man fear his company.

Either way, their time together came to an end after Stuerman was fired from the role of Singer’s assistant in June 2013 while working on the movie “X-Men: Days of Forgotten Future”.

Prior to that, Stuerman details that he went through real hell while he was with him and only now decided to expose the situation because he was afraid he would not get more employment in the film industry if he revealed Singer’s behavior.

He says Singer manipulated him with trips, expensive gifts, and promises of a better life, until he began to feel drawn to him and found out that the director already had a reputation for hunting downs. young men.

Apparently, the former assistant didn’t realize he had gotten into trouble when he realized he wasn’t “special” to Singer, just another on his list of accomplishments… That’s when – where their involvement began to unravel.

During the investigation into Stuerman’s testimony, the portal interviewed around 20 people related to the story, 18 of whom signed a warrant of anonymity also to avoid any sort of retaliation.

Through documents, photographs, emails and texts provided by Stuerman and Singer’s own colleagues, the entire veracity of the report has been verified and verified.

Singer’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, meanwhile responded in a four-page letter saying Stuerman’s claims were “exaggerated, defamatory and could not be legitimate” and that the young man “just wanted to” fuck “Singer. because of the dismissal. of the relationship ”.

Even so, Brettler did not deny that the two had been linked since Stuerman was 18 and declined to comment on the claim that Singer molested someone out of jealousy.

It should be remembered that Singer was never arrested or formally charged with a crime related to sexual abuse and made a point of denying all the controversies in which he was involved.

The strangest thing is that he caused problems in most of the productions he worked on, so much so that he was replaced by Dexter Fletcher after creating chaos on the set of “Bohemian Rhapsody” … After that, he never made films again.

After the film’s release, Rami Malek, who brought Freddie Mercury to life, told The Guardian that “it was unbearable to keep filming with Singer’s ego.”

‘Superman – The Return’ protagonist Brancon Routh also told Screen Rant that:

“Overall, the backstage of the movie had a nice vibe. but from time to time [Bryan] The singer panicked. As nice as he was to me, I saw how he treated others and it wasn’t an easy thing to deal with.

Years later, Sophie Turner, singer of Jean Gray in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ spoke to Rolling Stone and admitted that she had bad memories of Singer because of his explosive temper during the recordings.

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