Controversial Netflix Horror Film “Spicy” Sparks Controversy Among Subscribers; Check out the reactions!

Truth be told: not every movie is made to be a movie, the kind that gets you thinking about a theme or that wins all the awards at festivals. There are films that are made just for entertainment, to generate the box office, or for the actors and production to gain experience. Not all films are good, but when the film is bad … well, there are two options: either the film is bad because it wants to be more than it offers, or it is bad because it is he is, but so far from his proposal, it makes us laugh. A good example of this second case is the “Unfathomable Perfection” feature, which outraged Netflix viewers.

Despite receiving 53% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, the horror left some moviegoers quite uncomfortable with the plot.

Check out the reactions:

Revision | Unfathomable Perfection – Controversial ‘Spicy’ Netflix Film Targets Horror and Blockbuster Comedy …

I watched Unfathomable Perfection and my list of frustrations with @NetflixBrasil just keeps growing. Another endless film, which leaves only a feeling of hatred for having wasted time watching.

– Humberto-O Buteco (@oButeco) June 19, 2021

Unfathomable perfection? Because I just looked at it and I have the same reaction

– diego (@di_gsilva) June 13, 2021

unfathomable perfection, I watched it in the hoopla because I knew it was really bad, then I read the reviews and was even more disappointed, it was considered the worst movie in the Netflix catalog

– zab ✰ (@cillianmrphy) June 16, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Don’t watch the movie “Unfathomable Perfection” on netflix, what a terrible shit

– Thaisquisita (@hipolitothata) June 10, 2021

Unfathomable Perfection is the worst movie I have ever seen kmkkkkkkkkkk pqp q horrible

– Shaman (@EDannylozo) June 13, 2021

Unfathomable perfection, fuck make a bitch agony, I hate a movie like this

– gazoline (@soqueriatherapy) June 8, 2021

Unfathomable Perfection is the WORST movie I have ever seen in my life.

– rayane (@ raycrvg22) June 9, 2021

Never watch “Unfathomable Perfection” on Netflix, which is in the TOP 10. It has to be the worst movie in the world I have ever seen in my life. And look, I’ve seen a lot of bad movies.

– AGUIRRE NO INTER DEMAIN (@schimeneweber) June 9, 2021

i was cheated i watched netflix’s unfathomable perfection believing uol’s ad but i should be compensated. what a bad movie!

– tutti (@FrancielyRuti) June 12, 2021

I watched what was lying / unfathomable perfection

What a bad movie from the dubbing (no synchronization) to the actor pqp

But I wanted to understand what was going on and I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ?!

Was the guy an alien? A boto? Were the other guys his kind or clones? +

– тнαliтα (@ Tharoh4) June 9, 2021

call for unfathomable perfection, don’t look

– (@sglrtxac) June 10, 2021

Libs (Ema Horvath) is an introverted teenager who enjoys archeology and has returned home from summer camp. Her mother, Michelle (Mena Suvari – is that what you chose to do after “American Beauty”?), Is only 42 years old, is a writer and loves her relationship with her daughter, so she comes to pick her up from camp. . and, on his way home, tells the news: he’s going out with someone. What might have been good news quickly turns into a tempting nightmare for young Libs, as boyfriend John (Trey Tucker) is only 30 years old and in a bit of a mess. So getting to know John won’t be that easy, especially when he seems to be so, so interested in the things she does…

“Unfathomable Perfection” was meant to be a thriller / thriller with hints of horror and chase, but the result is more like a long storyline from an unsolved porn movie. The first ten minutes of the film already set the tone for what the viewer will discover: a narcissistic relationship between mother and daughter indirectly arguing for the hottie of the mother’s boyfriend, as if it were these stories from mythology. Greek. In fact, it is: an account of the myth of Odipus.

The whole thing is done in such a sticky way that what was supposed to be the “climate” (tense or excited) makes you laugh. The insertion of the character John into the plot is literally him coming out of the pond, naked, only in a swimsuit, under the embarrassed but curious eyes of the teenager who always seems to have low blood pressure and no ‘ve never seen a man in her life (not even in the movies!). He seems to have gone to school with Bella Swan. Therefore, the situations are completely predictable, we can almost guess the lines! There’s a scene where John almost asks Libs if she wants to see his red room… seriously, I can’t.

“Unfathomable Perfection” is one of Netflix’s most hilarious movies. He focused on terror and hit on playfulness. An irrefutable option of good laughs, embarrassment and lots of cheese. A good contender for one of the best, worst movies on the platform, this is a great entertainment option for a chilly early winter weekend.

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