CONTROVERSIAL! Netflix to direct series on tragic night of Nightclub Kiss fire

Netflix announced today that it will be doing a series on the Kiss Nightclub fire, which left 242 people dead in 2013. The season will have five episodes and the screenplay will be based on the book “Every day the same night” (Editora Intrínseca), by award-winning journalist Daniela Arbex.

In the book, Daniela uses her expertise and sensitivity to piece together the events surrounding one of the greatest tragedies in recent Brazilian history. To write the book, the author analyzed the 20,000 pages that make up the Kiss in Justice case and interviewed over 100 characters from Santa Maria – listening to mothers and fathers of victims, survivors, experts, the former mayor of the city and even professionals. who first spoke about the case.

From this material, she reconstructs scenes from the day of the fire, shows how the episode still shakes the city today and gives figures and facts the necessary human dimension. Painful, but indispensable, the work leads to a broad understanding of the consequences of oversights trivialized by businessmen, politicians and citizens, helping to build a memorial against the oblivion of this dark night.

Filming will begin in early 2022 and the series will benefit from the author’s creative guidance. Award-winning filmmaker Gustavo Lipsztein (Tension at Sea) leads the writing team, led by Julia Rezende (A Boyfriend for My Wife).

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