Couple takes part in a sinister game in the LEGENDED trailer for “Infidelity”; Check it out!

The thriller ‘Infidelity’ (An Affair to Die For) has a captioned trailer.


Víctor García (“Espelhos do Medo 2”) is responsible for the management.

A secret meeting. A man cheats on his wife. A woman is cheating on her husband. And then everything goes wrong, quickly. When a couple’s infidelity is discovered, they must play a twisted survival game with their captor, to prevent their family members from being murdered. The weekend turns into a nightmare of psychological games, where they will do anything to survive.

The cast includes Claire Forlani, Amy Dincuff, Nathan Cooper, Titus Welliver, Jake Abel, Derek Morse, Terry Randall and Melina Matthew.

In Brazil, the suspense will be broadcast directly on VOD by A2 Filmes.

Enjoy watching:

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