‘Crazy in the Piece’, ‘Everyone Hates Chris’ and more classic series to watch online

The generation of the 1990s had a wonderful time with open television. From the end of the decade to the mid-2000s, content aimed at children and adolescents was much broader than current content. With the popularization of pay television and the change in the posture of open channels, this programming has practically died out. However, streaming platforms are getting stronger in the country and are accumulating some of this content in their catalogs. So we took a look at some of the series that have been successful in the past and can now be seen on platforms. Check out!

Three is too much

A success of the 80s, Três é Demais did quite well in Brazil being shown by SBT. The series, which launched the Olsen sisters to stardom, showed the daily life of Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), who summons his brother-in-law, Jesse (John Stamos) and his best friend, Joey (Dave Coulier), for the ‘help. to raise his daughters after he became a widower. Filled with cute and fun moments, the series can be seen on Netflix, which saved the series and spawned a sequel called Fuller House.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

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Who hasn’t found themselves trying to hum the opening song of Um Maluco no Pedaço and fail miserably? The series launched Will Smith’s brilliant career and has entertained millions of children and adults with its sassy jokes and charismatic cast. Besides humor, the series also brought several criticisms to American society, such as racism, parental abandonment and prejudice. Those who want to remember this classic will find episodes on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Everyone hates Chris

Classic late afternoon record, Everybody Hates Chris is a comedy series that adapts Chris Rock’s teenage misadventures in the 1980s. Full of absurd situations, pop culture references and critiques of racism, the series is very good directed and has a spectacular soundtrack. It is available on Globoplay.


Airing late at night, the Winchester Brothers series was a hit on the SBT screen. The Supernatural Creature Hunter Duo has all seasons available on Amazon Prime Video.

The big family

The story of Agostinho Carrara (Pedro Cardoso) living with Bebel (Guta Stresser) and his family gave rise to some hilarious cases and imprisoned Brazilian families in front of television for several years. All seasons can be checked on Globoplay.

Colorado Chapolin

“They did not count with my intelligence!”. The Mexican hero created and lived by Roberto Bolaños has marked generations. With its simple and clever humor, the series hasn’t aired on open TV for a long time, but can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.


When “someone saaaaaaaaave me” started playing on Sunday morning, half of the young Brazilians stopped to watch the teenage adventures of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) as he discovered his powers and foiled the bad guys’ plans in the town of Smallville. The series is available on Globoplay.


Chaves has become synonymous with Brazilian open television. Presented as a “counterweight” to Mexican soap operas at SBT, Televisa’s series has become one of the greatest phenomena in the history of national open programming. Created and performed by Roberto Bolaños, the series follows the daily life of the orphan Chaves in a simple village in Mexico. A landmark of South American humor, the series has been in the air for over forty years. All Seven Seasons are on Amazon Prime Video.

Series that are not streaming, but which are sorely lacking:

Me, the teacher and the children

The Kyles are a typical wealthy American family. “Commissioned” by Patriarch Michael Kyle (Damon Wayans), the family enters into various day-to-day confusions. The series airs daily on the Comedy Central subscription channel.

Kenan and Kel

A Nickelodeon phenomenon, the series follows two friends who are in high school trying to get along in life.


The life of Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) changes when his maid dies and he takes in his children, young Willis (Todd Bridges) and amusing little Arnold Jackson (Gary Coleman). Together, they must learn to deal with differences and to live as a family.

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