‘Crime Scene’: Netflix documentary investigating mysterious death of Elisa Lam gets trailer with caption

Netflix has released the first LEGEND trailer for “Crime Scene – Mystery and Death at Hotel Cecil,” a documentary series about the mysterious death of Canadian college student Elisa Lam.


Production will begin on February 10.

The documentary is directed by Joe Berlinger.

The four episodes of the production will attempt to unravel what really happened to the student, who was staying at the Cecil Hotel in 2013. When Elisa Lam disappeared, leaving all of her things behind.

The production will include interviews with hotel staff as well as guests. In addition, some people who investigated the case will also participate in the documentary.

“Crime Scene” is on its way to becoming a new Netflix anthology.

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It should be remembered that the 21-year-old was found in a cistern at the Cecil Hotel. Without any mark or sign of violence on her body, the young woman did not show the presence of alcohol or drugs in her bloodstream either. But, with the growing repercussions of the strange circumstances surrounding his death, several conspiracy theories began to circulate about the case.

The body and Elisa were found in one of the hotel’s four water tanks by an employee after complaints from customers about the taste of the water.

Video from the hotel’s surveillance center recorded Elisa as she called the elevator to the terrace. However, very bizarre behavior is recorded.

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