Criticism | 10 hours for Christmas – Brazilian children’s adventure bets in cinemas at the end of the year

December is the month of the year when people are looking to renew their hopes and wish the next year was better than what happened. With this in mind, national producers have invested in Christmas productions – stories that have to do with Brazilian reality and that take place locally, such as “10 hours for Christmas”, a bet that hits theaters in early December.

The happiest time for the Silva family is Christmas. It is then that Julia (Giulia Benite), Bia (Lorena Queiroz, how this girl screams!) And Miguel (Pedro Miranda) find themselves with their parents, Marcos Henrique (Luís Lobianco) and Sonia (Karina Ramil), for the great family supper with Grandmother Nena (Jandira Martini), Uncle Silvio (Marcelo Laham) and Aunts Zilu (Eliana Guttman) and Aldinha (Amelinha Bittencourt). But all that has changed since the parents decided to go their separate ways, so Christmases were split into two houses. And this year it will be even worse, because the parents forgot to buy gifts and decorate the house, and the trauma this can cause to little Bia can be irreversible, because she still believes in Santa Claus. With only 10 hours before Christmas, the three brothers will go on an adventure alone in the streets of São Paulo and with only fifty reais in their pockets, in an attempt to save the Christmas spirit that used to attend the holidays. of Silva family.

Shot in 2019, ’10 hours for Christmas’ was a good bet for a burgeoning Christmas market on the big screen, which will unfortunately be hampered by partially closed movie theaters and may not be able to reach its full potential. if we were under normal conditions. public health. However, the feature does not lose the shine of its message, and manages to touch the hearts of viewers with an even greater impact – especially that of the child audience, who were most affected psychologically in 2020.

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The script by Bia Crespo and Flávia Guimarães plays for Christmas – the most important family celebration of the year – themes that are important for the world of children and which are more and more recurrent in the reality of young people: separation of parents, family disunity, loss of play and the importance of valuing the little things and what really matters: the love of the people who are dear in life. These are super necessary messages to work with from an early age, and seeing them embedded in an entertainment film starring a powerful and famous trio makes a difference to the target audience.

Cris D’Amato directs a fun adventure entirely possible to take place in the children’s universe, and while here and there it takes an extra dose of suspension of disbelief and the storyline makes it easier to resolve, the cast main transmits good energy. Even the merchandising is inserted in a very subtle way into the plot. “ 10 o’clock for Christmas ” is a good movie for kids, with a mix of reality and play in good measure and a nice message for the whole family: this Christmas, show your love with what you have, that it is far or near, because what matters is love.

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