Criticism | A Common Crime – Paranoid Argentinian Thriller Debuts on Netflix

That the Argentinian audiovisual market over the past decades has produced some very good films, every good moviegoer knows. Since the neighboring country won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2010 for “The Secret of Your Eyes,” the film industry has turned to the city of Buenos Aires, alert to the new thrillers being produced there. . Thus, after two weeks of airing in Brazilian theaters, the Argentinian thriller ‘A crime in common’ arrives this week on Netflix.

Cecilia (Elisa Carricajo) is a teacher, single mother, who takes care of her son and everything is going well in her life thanks to the help of her maid, Nebe (Mecha Martinez), who takes care of the household chores. One night, however, Cecilia wakes up knocking on the door. Afraid, she looks through the cracks and realizes that it is Kevin (Eliot Otazo), Nebe’s son. He looks agitated, running away from a problem and, scared, she doesn’t open the door. The next day, however, Cecilia finds out that Kevin is missing and the realization of what may have happened the night before puts her peaceful life out of balance.

The fictional story takes place in contemporary Argentina, but in truth the plot of “ A Common Crime ” could very well be based on a true story and take place in almost every city in Latin America – and in many other countries of the world. All this because the main shock of the feature film, the common thread of all the attitudes of the protagonist, is the shock between racism and whiteness, these two elements which have long seen the social relations of Latin American populations for a long time. From there, the atmosphere of a thriller sets in through the paranoia arising from that relationship – and, with that, one can identify the film as a social thriller, i.e. suspense based. on aspects resulting from interactions between beings in the contemporary. cities.

Written by Tomás Downey and Francisco Márquez, the script, while simple on the surface, relies much more on what is not said in the film than on what is made explicit. This requires the viewer to understand what is going on with the protagonist even if she herself is not yet fully aware of her surroundings. With a plot driven mostly by a single actress, Elisa Carricajo – who is in all of the scenes – who plays a confused and ignorant protagonist, the pace of the film ends up being a bit slow, so this is a movie to watch with. devotion.

Directed by Francisco Márquez, “A Crime in Common” is a paranoid thriller that reflects, in a very “Paris Square” style, the Brazilian Lucia Murat. And exclusively, the director and the actors spoke to CinePOP about the expectations of the premiere in Brazilian territory. Check out!

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