Criticism | After All: TNT’s original and acclaimed new drama debuts TOMORROW

After Everything debuts this Friday, November 13 at 10:30 p.m. (BSB) on TNT

It is interesting to see how some relationships are shaped by suffering. It is common to witness weddings, unions and the like to languish over time, due to worsening of certain issues. But there are other novels in which they actually only have attachment and connection out of pain. And APRÈS TOUT does this reflection in an exceptional way, bringing it to the public in the easiest way to understand: From the point of view of two young people at the height of a phase naturally watered by emotional detachments. And when real, unprecedented pain kicks in, chaos turns into good company and fertile ground for an upside down “love” to begin with.

The new drama, co-directed and co-written by Hannah Marks and Joey Power, immediately surprises us by reversing its narrative construction. Rather than turning illness into the final stage of a relationship, production begins with what – theoretically – would be the end, showing the B side of illness, while there is also room for a cure and all of its consequences. subsequent. Deeply realistically, the feature film – released at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) – breaks some of our idealization of romance, having built just that in the mind of the viewer. Here that more romanticized and even fascinating bias of youthful love is only used as a bait to hook audiences up for the second half of the plot, when it all begins to fall apart, ironically as life begins. to get on the right track.

With deep reflections that take audiences virtually inherently, After All shows how a pain-driven relationship can’t hold up against the common factor of a routine with two healthy people. Here, we learn that much more than suffering, a couple grows, discovers, recognizes and develops in the naturalness and simplicity of a normal routine. It is there, in the supposed similarity, that the novels go beyond cinematic tales with well-elaborated and playful scenes, to the sound of a passionate piece. This is where love is truly proven or disapproved.

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And After Everything breaks that ideal final construct that we do throughout the film, imbuing us with a reality that tastes much more bittersweet than we expected. Bringing Jeremy Allen White (Shameless) and Maika Monroe here as protagonists, the production is developing well in the hands of the duo, who present a completely natural and organic dynamic to the stage.

With straightforward direction, which even focuses on the relationship part of all of the characters, the dramatic romance is so much more than we expected and always does an x-ray on how youthful impulsiveness can end up being so heartbreaking. . Full of charisma and with an adapted soundtrack that corresponds to the independent format of the production, After All is another of those gifts born from film festivals that the broadcaster TNT brings to the general public, democratizing access to productions like this one. here, that even after its end, it will make us think for a long time.

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