Criticism | Almost Perfect Uncle 2 – Marcus Majella opens national comedy season 2021

The summer of 2021 will be marked by another attempt to take over theaters all over Brazil, with an eye on summer vacation, the warmth of children at home and the tradition of Brazilian audiences to have a good laugh around the corner. the year. And the 2021 national comedy season kicks off with “ Almost Perfect Uncle 2, ” the continuation of success with Marcus Majella in 2017.

After turning around and reinventing himself to take care of the three nephews – when he didn’t know how to take care of the children – Uncle Tony (Marcus Majella) fell in love with the youngsters and was very successful with this kid’s way of looking after school children. Uncle Tony reigns supreme in the hearts of his nephews, Patricia (Julia Svacinna), Valentina (Sofia Barros) and João (João Barreto) and lives in perfect harmony with the family until the arrival of Beto (Danton Mello) , Angela (Letícia) Isnard’s fiancé), who, moreover, enchants the little ones. Unhappy and jealous of this intruder, Tony gets into a surreal argument with Beto and sets up crazy plans involving his nephews to try and prove that the future brother-in-law is worthless.

Once again directed by Pedro Antônio Paes, “Um Tio Quas Perfeito 2” again focuses on the very childish audience, however, the audience and the cast have grown, and the whole concept of the feature seems a bit out of place. With their nephews already aged three, the children – Patricia already being a teenager – no longer need adult supervision for everything, even if the emotional bonds remain. However, Uncle Tony has remained stupid, acting the same with his nephews, who respond to him the same, despite growing up – and it’s kinda weird.

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The four-person script has a somewhat problematic line-up, based on Uncle Tony’s jealousy of the new “uncle” entering the parade, Uncle Beto. Throughout the forty hours of the film, we see Sister Angela and her mother Cecília (Ana Lúcia Torre) corroborate this jealous, childish and patriarchal behavior of the only adult male in the family, who acts as if the sister needs his consent to marry. This outdated argument leads the comedy plot to the start of the Final arc, when Tony goes through the plot twist and has to rethink his jealousy as something he has no right to complain about, after all, his sister and nephews have their own lives.

Despite that, the comedic scenes should appeal to the pimpolhada, reinforced by disgusting elements that cause cowardly laughs (worms, pum, ass, piriri, etc.), an adventurous-detective aspect (which refers to hits like ‘DPA – Detectives do Prédio Azul’ ”). Noteworthy is the character of Noemia Oliveira, who generates a natural laugh with his passive-aggressive way of asserting himself and the particular participation of Eduardo Galvão, in one of his last roles.

“An Almost Perfect Uncle 2” highlights Marcus Majella’s great charisma in acting in comedy films for children and how comfortable he is with that audience. It is a film that opens the national comedy season by pleasing its target audience.

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