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During the first years in Brazil, Netflix focused on making available only productions made in the United States, the United Kingdom and in partner countries; in recent years, however, with the growth of the global market and the consumption of streaming platforms, the company has started producing local productions in countries where it already had a fixed customer base. That’s why we’ve seen so many Brazilian movies and series premiering simultaneously here in over 160 countries, as well as productions from non-hegemonic countries appear as a suggestion in our profiles. This is how we came to ‘Amor Sem Medida’, a Brazilian comedy that has just been created.

Ivana (Juliana Paes) is a well-known lawyer and recently separated from Danilo, with whom she shares custody of the dog and the law firm. One day, Ivana forgets her cell phone in a public place, and cardiologist Ricardo Leão (Leandro Hassum) finds her and calls her to tell her to retrieve the device. When the two finally meet, Ivana is surprised to realize that Ricardo is a short man, which creates conflicting feelings in her chest as she begins to like the boy, but is afraid of what people will say about him. .

Inspired by the original Argentinian version of this story, “Amor Sem Medida” has an important message in the background, however, he stumbles a bit in conveying the theme to the viewer. Starting with the construction of the romantic relationship between the protagonist couple, which accelerated completely at the start of the film to the point that we are not convinced that the feeling is true, since from the first phone call Ivana already demonstrates that she is melted by the stranger who found her cell phone, and between this scene and the couple’s first kiss, only fifteen minutes elapsed.

Written by Michelle Ferreira and Paulo Leierer, the screenplay delves into the protagonists to arrive at what really matters: the message that all forms of love should be free and respected, leaving only those involved to measure their feelings for each other. In other words, in ‘Amor Sem Measure’ we see the relationship of a successful medium height woman with a super successful short man, but none of this is enough to please those who are not. not ready to recognize other possibilities than those pre-arranged in the virtual rules of relations between humans. This conflict only enters the third plot arc, however, when nasty jokes and encouraging comments start to become frequent and enter into the reality of the couple, showing the weight that social discrimination places on happiness and happiness. self-esteem of people.

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But, ‘Amor Sem Measure’ is meant as a comedy, but jokes don’t work. Not even the ones that have nothing to do with the plot theme. On the other hand, the soundtrack is exciting, and the publisher’s commitment to building a whole plot based on visual effects is noticeable, which strives to build the problem of heights, since Leandro Hassum is indeed 1.80 mr.

“Amor Sem Medida” is a national comedy designed for Netflix’s international audiences – that’s why we have an Almodovar aesthetic at the heart of Ivana; foreign characters who speak only English; the presence of the Pope to stimulate dialogue in Hispano-Italian; and scenes that accompany the interpretation and mode of execution of international romantic comedies, without any Brazilian element referring to the origin of the production. It may appeal to other audiences beyond the national audience, thus internationalizing our actors.

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