Criticism | Axel and the Space Boys: fun programming for the little ones debuts today on TNT

Axel and the Space Boys debut this Saturday (05), 11:20 a.m. (BSB time) on TNT

Children are capable of measuring much more than one thinks and the contemporary charter of animations launched over the years is a good proof of this. Among the well-crafted and even complex narratives, valuable and necessary stories were taught to the little ones. And Axel and the Space Boys arrive trying to adapt to that same current premise, mixing crazy adventures with a more serious bias.

Of Chinese origin, the production directed by Leo Lee has a more authoritative aesthetic – somewhat peculiar to Western eyes, with some references to the Avatar style. And those features end up working as a good bait to appeal to the little ones, since the characters are a bit more distinct from the animated features we’re used to checking out on screens.

And here, devastated by human pride, a distant planet has seen all its natural riches decimated and reduced to dust, endangering the lives of a community of the most diverse creatures. To regain the vigor of what was once part of its essence, a group of children will go on a journey in search of the rare plant that can bring back the place that was once home for so long.

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The premise of Axel and Meninos do Espaço has a lot to do with the socio-environmental context in which we find ourselves at the moment. In the midst of irregular and poorly regulated deforestation, fires that have blown up the Brazilian savannah and fires that have destroyed a generous part of California, we live in a world that constantly digests with its natural resources, often without modesty or appreciation of what is lost.

Between irresponsible leaders and a world population that often does not contribute, we all succumb – in general – for not valuing what guarantees our livelihoods on earth. And by appropriating this pride, the animation makes little criticisms of human behavior, trying to plant a little seed in the minds of children.

Calling your attention to the intense rhythm of the action scenes and the dynamic adventure that unfolds throughout the film, small lessons on environmental conservation, sustainable balance and harmony are taught to the audience. With a more simplistic language and little depth, Axel and the Space Boys always manage to do their didactics well. It works as good entertainment for the kids – for the convenience of parents, as it sends an important message to the generation who will have a tough mission on their hands in the future.

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